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About Yourself

Q: Describe briefly your current job/most recent job responsibilities. State the knowledge and skills you have acquired from this experience A: My recent job assignment was in Testing domain of TAPAS Vodafone UK project. We have to test the codes of the development team to validate if the business and functional requirements are met. Our tasks inclued-; * Understand and analyse what are the expected outcomes from the interfaces of the Development team by going through the revelant documents and and with adequate discussion with the Dev team. * Based on the above, author the Test Cases and Test Scenarios for validating and testing the functional and business requirements of the project * On the technical front, we are expected to execute the shell scripts batches in Unix Environment to generate the data file which is to be checked from the back-end (Oracle 11g) With the help of SQL queries as well as from the front-end Oracle Retail Merchandising System (ORMS).

* As our project mates were located in other parts of the Infosys Offices eg Bangalore, Hyderabad as well as onsite location London, we frequently (usually daily) needed to interact with peers and seniors to discuss the status and progress of the project along with the other issues faced by us, it helped me improve my verbal and no-verbal communication. * As part of testing, we have to raise the defects in an online Quality Control tool which was later assigned to the respective developer to fix the bug and many times we would find us in arguments and discussions with the respective devepoler, asserting and proving their points and stand which helped me in inculcating a healthy professional relation and to remain honest with my task and duty at the same time. * It also helped me in approaching and interacting with new people with the sound technical expertise and skills and put forward my ideas , opinions, doubts among my peers and seniors. Q: Describe briefly the most important situation in which you have demonstrated leadership skills during your professional career (not exceeding 250 words)

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Q: Describe briefly the most important situation in which you have demonstarted your ability to work in teams during your professional carees (not exceeding 250 words) A: Last month we, with the motive of improving the interaction among the floor-mates , we, a group of 12 persons of different projects and teams of the same floor planned,discussed and organised a event named L3 Trivia. We as volunteer and anchors, had the job of finding some unusual, interesting and little known facts about our floormates and frame these in a questionaire form to be found and answered by the randomly formed teams for which the team will be awarded marks. The teams had to work together and was asked to take signatures and click a pictures with the respective person to make it interesting and to ensure that everyone knows everyone else by his name and face.

The other members of the organising team had to collect the crowd at one place and distribute the different coloured cards on the basis on which teams of 10-11 persons would be formed. As an anchor , we have to gather and handle the team with same coloured cards. We needed to coordinate the randomly formed teams, have a quick introduction with each-other and help them in picking a Team Lead. Apart from this, we had to hand them the Questionaire Sheet , explain them the rules of the games, clarify their doubts as well as encouraging them at the same time and evaluating their scores at the end. This event got amazing and overwhelming response from the floormates and everyone took out the time for this playful event. We, volunteers were not only appriciated by seniors and HR for our effotrs and hardship for managing,organising this event enjoyable and a hit but we also get to know new people and make friends and exhibit our managerial skills as well.

Q: Why do you wish to go for a management career A: I always have an interminable dream to have my own business most preferably in online business where I can tap my technical skills of developing online applications. I believe that going for a Management Degree will be a wise idea for helping me in materialising my dream because it will not only help me understand the nitty-gritty of the business administration but will also provide me the the essential knowledge, idea, skills and techniques for management. The process of earning this degree will help me to think critically, deal with ambiguity and solve complex business scenarios through case study approach which requires us to evaluate business dilemmas and formulate the best plans of actions.

Not only this, the environment there will motivate , develop and improve my soft courses in leadership, people skills and social interaction that can be a help in any walk of life. Before starting my own venture and entering into the business world , I would need a broad perspective of business world like how industry and business works and this degree will definitely give me an invaluable exposure to business concepts and development in functional areas. I think that this degree will help me in achieving an interesting and more responsible and influentional position. In addition, it will provide me the opportunity to meet new ,interesting, and important people and be challenged by peers and experts. That can help our career along. The MBA degree will prepare me to face the situations that can be faced in real life business scenarios, foster own personal growth, develop exciting career opportunities as well as networks.

Q: What alternative careers are you considering and why? A: If I didn’t get the opportunity to persue MBA this year, I will continue my present job at Infosys as a engineer for few years to gather more sound technical knowledge and at the same time try to bring through capital for venturing my own start-up.

Q: Describe your strengths/weaknesses as identified by you.
A: My strengths can be listed as:
* Disciplined and honest towards my duty
* Ability to contribute positively as team player
* Easily adopt to any environment
* Self motivated and confidant

My weaknesses can be listed as:
* Inconsistent
* Easily stressed
* Have trouble in planning and prioritization

Q: What is your most significant accomplishment so far??
A: I would recount one of my junior school incident in this case because I had a very positive influence of this incident in formative years at the school. Our school had an annual ceremony to elect the School Leader at both junior (1-6 class) and senior (7-10 class) sections. Teachers and sisters at our school used to assemble the entire junior/senior wing and the students were told to write the names of their candidates based on academics, sports, extra co-curricular activities etc. In a surprising outcome, out of 500 students from the entire junior wing, around 350 have voted in my favour.

I was really thrilled to know this because I had never this idea or anticipation that my other classmates and juniors would know me, forget about being admired or revered!!! Although I have always been a good student and excelled in academics and few extra-co-curricular activities, I was also very garrulous, boisterous and a bit indiscplined, so being elected as a School Leader whose responsibility was to ensure discipline was difficult task. But I was really taken aback and amazed by this oucome and even I was not sure if I would be able to shoulder this responsibilty with honestly. This was the first time experience in my life that instilled me with a sense of responsibility.

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