Bent Sørensen's Orchestra Performs The Weeping White Room

In front of the arranged set up was the piano, after was the conductor and the left side was the viola. On the left side on the second row was the cello,the bass towards the top at the end of the left side was the bass and on the left side of the viola was the flute,bass flute,and piccolo. On top of the bass next to them was the bass clarinet we move on to the violins that were in the middle and also on the right side.

The clarinet was on the back of the violins. The percussion is in the back.

Eric Byers performing Sept Papillons. He is one performer and a cellist. The genre of his music was chamber music. The historical time period I believe would be classical. The features in the music sound like a variation of low and high notes the notes in deed don’t balance out. The overall sound is dissonant.

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There are no new notes heard.i didn’t hear the piece have any sense of story i just felt scared of the music. The overall mood of the performance was subjectively the performer himself looked frightened.

The CV of A Butterfly is a butterfly piece which was a world premiere of the LA PHIL Commission. A Orchestral and chamber musical piece. The conductor was in the front of the pit, the cello is on the left side of the conductor,next to the cello in the front row is the viola next to the viola were the violins.

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On the second row on the left was the bass, next to the bass is the oboes/english horn. Next to the oboes was the flute,on the back of the flute is the clarinets and next to the clarinet is the bassoons/contrabassoon. The last row on the left was the percussion,next to the percussion was the horn and then the trumpet and after was the trombone and lastly would be the keyboard. The genre of her music was orchestral/chamber music. The historical time period would be classical. The features in the music sound like a lyrical musical piece. The overall sound is dissonant. The notes are a repetition. The overall mood of the performance was a feeling of emotions all around.

Five possibilities by Daniel Bjarnason, a chamber musical ensemble. On the front right would be the clarinet and the left side would be the cello and towards the back of the cello would be the piano. Mignon – papillons U.S Premiere a string quartet performance. The piano and the solo violins played first which was relaxing. Quartet 1, the cello was on the left side , next to the cello was the viola and then would be the violins. Quartet ll was the same set up and lastly string orchestra performed violins. It was on the left side in front of the pit , next to them were the violins ll in the middle were the violas and lastly next to them were the cellos. On the second row were cellos and the basses.

The musical pieces that were played in the concert were the violins which were used mostly on the orchestra and some chamber music. The violins play a big role in music because they bring the crescendo onto the music as well as the viola and the cellos. The flutes bring a melody to the music whether it is a single melody or multiples. The piccolo brings a volume to classical music.The piano can play a melody and even a harmony within the music. The trumpet plays both melody and helps with rhythm in an orchestra. The bassoon plays a big role because it has a wide range. It plays the tenor and the bass in a double reed in an orchestra. The trombone helps with balancing the orchestra high sounds. The percussion helps with classical music when an instrument is hitting another beat. The horns are helpful on holding long, sustained notes discreetly in the background while melodies are being played. The first violin is played by the concertmaster which should be more skilled with the instrument. The keyboard is not really used as much as just a second instrument which can play an nots assigned. The viola are used in a string quartet which are bigger in pitch than violins which help with the tone. The viola can be useful for rhythmic or harmonic sounds. The second violins help with the melody which both are great sound producers.

BENT SØRESEN was born july 18,1985. A Danish composer whose music is mature and is very competitive he has won many recognized awards in the music composition. “His music brings aging on visual artwork” stated by wikipedia. He creates music that resembles

Present day technically and aesthetically. Bent music is personal. He writes about what he lives and dreams which makes people feel his emotions.

Kaija Saariaho is a Finnish composer group. She was born in Helsinki in 1952. In IRCAM she developed skills in computers which led her to writing an orchestra. She also has written for voices which could have changed the way her language was a sound of a vein melody. She was a mentor in the 2014-15 Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative.

Thuridur jónsdóttir Icelandic composer and flutist. She works with all kinds of music. She worked commission in 2016 by LA PHILHARMONIC and worked with Saecunn cellists. She “explores new soundscapes in her compositions” stated by”. Her compositions have been recognized by many people which led to the nomination of icelandic music award.

Daniel Bjarnason Icelandic conductor and composer. A symphony orchestra member in Iceland. His first opera will be premiered in August 2017. His works have been recognized in Icelandic. He is a guest conductor who has lots of commitments. Daniel keeps in touch with LA PHILHARMONIC because he has gotten much more attention since his first concert in 2017. Daniel’s first hit was his violin concert which today is still very admired.

Something that I have found unique in the musical moment would be the lighting on each theme of music. If the music was dissonant or constant it had a specific color to light the pit. For example The CV of A Butterfly musical piece lighting was green which was a reflection of a garden in my perspectives another unique thing was that this piece was world premiere of the LA PHIL Commission. Another unique thing I have never seen because I don’t usually go to musical concerts was the musicians enter first and then the conductor. The conductor also bows down with his musicians and he exits the pit first then the musical members.

The final musical piece of the concert was from a post-concert performance. Stonewave by Rolf Wallin. This piece was a solo percussion which was placed in front in a row on the pit. The genre of his music was verismo musicians. The historical time period was classical music. The features in the music sound like a variation of rhythmical notes.The overall sound is dissonant.The overall mood of the performance was objectively the performers were happy and very energetic which made the music sound exciting. Verismo’s music point is to play the subject of everyday life.

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