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For us humans, it can take more than 20 minutes for our eyes to be able to adapt with the darkness and be able to focus. Our eyes adjust this way by dilating the pupils or more so making them larger so that this way they can simply take in more light. Although, a dilated pupil cannot change focus as quickly as expected and during this time of adaptation there is a great reduction in the ability for us humans to change focus between different objects, moving or not, that are close or far away.

It also takes even additional time to focus between dark and light, if for example you put on the lights in your car and then immediately start driving and looking outside, in the pitch black. This greatly impacts the driver’s sight and perception because unless you are living in the middle of a complete wilderness, you are inevitably going to encounter different streetlights or even oncoming headlights from the upcoming cars.

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Those streetlights and headlights take a bit of time for the human eye to focus back to the road and the vision of the driver will be temporarily blurred because the pupils are as we mentioned ‘’dilated’’ to block out the upcoming or street light. Just as it takes a while for your eyes to adjust when you enter a dark room for example, it’s pretty much the same here, mixing both pitch black darkness with upcoming or street lights. For this exact case and inevitable problem, the night vision glasses come into play, and they are not as bad as you think and definitely can help in some situations better than a naked eye.

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Maybe your job requires you to take often nighttime trips or right before dawn. You might be a truck driver that very often hauls cargos at night for example. If you fall into those working-at-night categories or for one reason or another, take often trips from point A to point B during the night – the Night vision glasses can come in handy.

Night Vision glasses may not exactly work as they are marketed to – a top notch device that completely blocks out any and all streetlights and upcoming lights. It is marketed to completely remove the possibility of getting blinded by third-party lights. Unfortunately, this is not exactly the case. There is still the present possibility to get blinded by upcoming cars’s headlights and brighter than normal streetlights.

With that said, night vision glasses don’t only bring negative points to your sights and are not just a useless additional tool. They can definitely aid in long night time trips. Even though they do not completely block out any third-party lights, they definitely help. The night vision glasses will help you, even if only a little bit, to not get blinded from upcoming lights and not have as much of a blurred vision if this happens. Comparing night vision glasses with a naked eye nighttime trip, the one with a night vision glasses will definitely be much pleasant for the driver, much easier and much more relaxing to the eyes. Headlights will not be as bright as if you are without them, even ambient light from a bright moon will not hinder your sight as much and you will definitely not fatigue your eyes as much compared to not using night vision glasses. With all of those factors mentioned, vision glasses can definitely not be useless and will add additional sight protection against blinding lights and eye fatigue.

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About Night Vision Glasses

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