About Myself: Alone Together Essay

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About Myself: Alone Together

1)Specifically, which primary points do you both understand and agree or disagree with?

In “Alone Together” Sherry Turkle explains the connection between people and technology. She talks about the excitement of talking to someone through a computer; you can become anyone you want, and it also gives you the courage to say anything you want. When you’re behind a computer, it’s easy to tell someone what you think. The same goes for texting. It’s so much easier when you are mad at someone about something to text it to them instead of calling them. You can still express your emotions, by using smiley face or other faces. You’re basically showing emotions through text messaging. It might be convenient to send a quick message to someone instead of having to call them.

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I am one of the people that have given in so much to technology. I notice too that when my girlfriend and I will argue about something; we will just text each other back and forth and solve the problem that way. I think in that way texting is a good thing, because instead of shouting or saying things you do not mean, you are texting them so you have time to think about your words before you send the message.

Most new phones allow someone to have their email and Facebook or other site, they use frequently linked to it. Every message would be sent to your computer now goes to your phone. So while that may be convenient in some ways, it can also be rude when you’re with someone. Children do not spend their free time playing a sport. They spend hours playing video games, surfing the Internet or using cell phones. She said, “kids are out, but they are on their phones”(Turkle 155). Facebook, Skype, and texts have all become our mainstream of communication, and that is this generation’s source of communication.

She also explains how a lot of people now can’t imagine going without their devices, but few years ago, people were just fine. If technology advanced that much in the last couple of years, imagine how things will be in the future. I see some convenience in it all, but I also see constant technology use as a bad thing. So many people now interact through these devices instead of talking to someone. And as convenient as that might be to send a message, I don’t think it is a good thing.

2) Specifically, which major or minor points would you like to ask the author to clarify? I want to know more about how people would prefer a robot over a human relationship. Robots do not have feelings and how does having a robot change how people feel. Why people cannot resist using their phones? How does technology play a big part in our lives? What can talking to someone face to face that a text message cannot do? If technology is changing us, what are we becoming? Does Sherry Turkle spend countless hours on her cell-phone?

3) Generally, what potential essay topics or points of interest worthy of further discussion do you see in the reading? Potential essay topics I see in the readings are how technology plays a big part in our lives? Where would we be if technology did not exist? Without technology, how would education turn out to be? Why do people rely so much on technology?

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