About Life Changing Experience

Categories: Fiction

It was a winter night in December,

A wide, gargantuan hole is all I remember.

It was paralleled by a flowing stream,

What an inscrutable dream?!

I decided to avidly search for the mysterious sign.

There it was,

Surrounded by green, moldy fuzz,

Under the sere tree.

I bent over overwhelmed to see,

Quickly falling over-spiralling through the dark abyss.

My hair staggering from my head,

I felt ascending chunks of bread.

As i opened my green, circular eyes,

I thought I had won a prize.

Pink, vibrant arrows. Treasures of all kinds,

Some are gold, some are silver, what a striking find!

It felt like they will never discrete,

Until I felt a bump on my pate.

After a while, i became conscious,

With my stomach feeling quite noxious.

Large figures like statues,

Crowded around me like marshmallows around fondue.

What did they want?

Why are they staring at me?

Theyre filing me with humility.

It is my long, black, shiny hair,

Or is it the long floral dress I seem to wear?

Are they ominous or are they genial?

Before they could ask me any questions,

I noticed a face with many expressions.

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Who is that fair but short man,

With a bow and arrow gripped by his right hand?

I read about someone like him-Cupid is it?

I opened my mouth without any regret,

To ask who he was-that man with the rosette.

But before I could he vanished out of sight,

With his wings expanding-ready for flight.

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I pushed the crowd out of the way to pursue him.

After a long and tiring chase,

I saw him standing with complete grace.

| gripped his hand with such force,

That he started to quiver like a weak horse.

There was something about him that filled me with delight.

He ascended into the sky,

Leaving one arrow very close by.

The arrow had a marking of”C”,

Cupid was the name that appealed to me.

I hoped he would condone me for grabbing his hand with such strength.

After I grabbed the arrow from the ground,

Me laying on the bed is what I found.

A dream of enchantment it was,

Stirred in my imagination there of.

I opened my hand and found the arrow.

How can an arrow from my dream,

Be laying on my palm in reality?

Is this a sign of somewhere new,

Or someone trying to beg me ado?

This was an extraordinary experience,

That was completely made of brilliance.

I wish to see the place again-This is my demand,

And the man who made me remember it as Wonderland.

I laid on my bed hoping to see it all again.

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