About Las Vegas Essay

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About Las Vegas

Why you should live in Las Vegas, NV instead of living in Raleigh, NC? Do you always hear people say Las Vegas is all about fame and fortune. It is sometimes called the town that never sleeps. Raleigh has been good but living in Las Vegas is a lot better. In this paper I will be discussing the important reasons why you should live in Las Vegas, NV instead of living in Raleigh N.C. One of the reasons you should live in Las Vegas is because most business stay open 24 hours, many school districts in Las Vegas serve healthy foods, and has better weather. First let me explain the places that stay open 24 hours. One of the reasons to live in Las Vegas is that they have convenience store that stays open 24 hours.

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For example 7Eleven stays open 7days and 24 hours. Also another reason to live in Las Vegas is that the casino’s stay open 24 hours so people can have a good time I f there is really nothing else to do. Another reason to live in Las Vegas is that the grocery stores stay open for people that can go shopping but had to do something during that day .A example stores stay up 24 in Las Vegas is that to show the tourist to come here and have a good time but here stores don’t keep the lights on just to attract the tourist. Many people might think Las Vegas is mainly about the buffets and the think they might serve it in schools to but they are wrong.

The kinds of foods they serve to their children are salad, vegetables, and fruits that mainly children love. Also Nevada has healthy foods so they can keep the kids in great fit. Another reason in Las Vegas school district serves whole grain cereal and fruits for breakfast. An example: their plan is to keep the children in great fit for activities and such more. Now everybody knows that Las Vegas has better weather than Raleigh. In Las Vegas there is not much. Their average rainfall is 7 for LV. During the night it may get lower down to –50 in Las Vegas. During the daytime temperatures it may rise up to 100 °F or more. In northan las vegas fairly during the winter season in the southern part of las Vegas . A example: Las Vegas had made tha third highest record temprature. It is evident that Raleigh is not the best option to live in. There is really noting wrongbut hey can do a little better. So change something that doesn’t fit. See if the lights are shinning for “real” Las Vegas has come to town.

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