About Honesty Essay

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About Honesty

Everyone makes mistakes. How do people act after their mistakes? Some may lie to justify their mistakes, and some may try to hide them. Other people may apologize or accept what they have done, and try to improve next time. People call the last people ‘honest people’. Then what does ‘being honest’ mean? According to the Longman English Dictionary, honest means ‘not hiding the truth or the facts about something. ’ As a human character, it says ‘someone who is honest always tells the truth and does not cheat or steal. ’ It also says ‘to be honest with someone is when you tell someone what you really think’.

I believe to be honest is important when you live in society. What is the benefit of being honest? Always telling the truth makes people trust you. Earning someone’s trust is marvelous; he or she trusts you because you tell the truth, and so the person will be honest with you and so you will become to trust him or her. Sharing what you really think sounds like a deep relationship, don’t you think? Maybe friends are people you trust. As you already know, dishonesty is everywhere; at school, in neighborhood rumors, in difficult political speeches, in the newspapers, and, possibly, on packages in grocery stores.

What if all of these liars started to tell the truth? Maybe not all truth is good. We need some ‘white lies’ to maintain some relationships. How would you feel if someone retorted ‘Oh, you look terrible today! ’ to you, instead of the usual ‘You look nice today’? I think people should be honest, not about those kinds of lies, but they should stop ‘cheating lies’. Cheating lies are dishonesty that hurt people. Instead, we should treat people with honesty that does not hurt people, but makes society more reliable. What if I am not honest with you and all that I say here is complete nonsense? I think now you know the importance of honesty.

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