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About Ecocriticism

Ecocriticism is an umbrella term and it has many branches to deal with different aspects of environment. There are several approaches and literary tropes proposed by the students to know the idea and works of ecocritics and therefore the relationship between nature and literature created by many famous writers and thinkers. Since the expansion of Ecocriticsm as a theory form sixties there was a wide variety of constituted in the term ecocriticism.

The theory of ecocriticsm grew apart into a literary movement which focused its concern about the exploration of nature as an object of learning and as a meaningful practice to debunking of some of the long-standing distinctions between the human and the man-made and questioning these very concepts the boundaries between the human and the non-human.

Therefore ecocritics rallied through history of literature to find writers such as William Wordsworth, Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau to prove that nature has its own stand in our life and the very culture of human civilization is indeed interconnected with nature.

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The major features or tropes of ecocriticism are Ecofeminism, Pastoral, and Wilderness, each of these branches are the ultimate result of expansion of ecocrticism through a vast evolution and through considering the problems of environment on different levels. Each of the branches has its own attitude towards a particular issue and gives a versatile perspective on the various matters like pastoral element of ecocriticism precedes about the richness of nature in rural regions while ecofeminism concerns for commonality of nature and women and the primary objective of theory of wilderness in ecocriticism deals with exploration of wild and its cultural importance in literature.

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