About BRU coffee Essay

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About BRU coffee

BRU coffee is a part of Hindustan Lever and it is India’s largest and favourite coffee brand that offers a range of Indian and international coffee products. Since 1968, BRU has repetitively strived to bring varied types of authentic coffee with premium tastes to Indian consumers. After directing numerous coffee trials with coffee samples, they personally select the best coffee beans and freshly roast them to serve consumer a great cup of rich aromatic coffee, whether it’s coffee at home or at BRU World Café. It was launched in the year 1968 under the brand of “Brook Bond”. After its introduction as an instant coffee they came up with different varieties such as BRU Cappuccino, BRU Lite, BRU Cold Coffee, BRU Gold, BRU Roast and Ground etc.

BRU has created and distributed a display of unique high-quality coffee blends since 1968. It is an astounding 800crore instant coffee segment in India. From instant and conventional coffees to a multiplicity of premixes, the rich aroma and exotic flavours of BRU coffees have made it India’s number one coffee brand. BRU’s market share as up to end of 2011 was 50.2% against Nescafe’s 49.2%. BRU-ad with love and merged with passion to make a perfect coffee recipe, BRU Coffee lets you discover the lovely moments of your life, with a flavour of happiness.



BRU was known as master brand in serving coffee as they were able to give new aids to customers at every point on a regular basis. There one of the successful new product was the cappuccino packs. The new flavour was able to generate new thrust in the market and that help them to lead out the product in the market. The new flavours even encouraged hard-core tea lovers to try out these flavours and change their preferences towards the coffee. The best part was that these cappuccino was available in single serve sachets which provoked consumers to test the flavours. Another added innovation by BRU was when they launched the cold coffee variants into the market which again apprehended the attention of the consumers in high volume. Now, these thrusts in new product development roll out in an implicit way when customers accepted and started liking it. This was concluded when people roll out in malls and stores, they find that coffee section is full of various flavours and packs of BRU which itself creates a positive vibration for the brand.


Innovation in packaging was another critical factor that aided BRU’s success. The brand made the entry barrier low by launching small affordable SKUs. There are single serve and large packs at different price points making the brand affordable .The brand although is positioned as an aspirational brand is priced affordable thus making it a perfect example of a Masstige brand.

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