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Abou Shakra

Q 01: Describe Abou Shakra in terms of the value it provides for customer. Ans: Abou Shakra has managed to maintain its own identity by having satisfied customer over the years. It was only possible as it followed some values since its inception to uphold its true identity as a restaurant. These values are as follow – Advantage – As a new restaurant when it started, it had to compete with the whole market as there was not many different cuisines available like now. So the competitive market necessitate that Abou Shakra had to offer something that would give him some advantage over the other competitors. This advantage turned out to be the greatest customer value offered by Abou Shakra, which was not offered by the majority of his customers.

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Focus on Customer – This restaurant have maintained the persistent focus on customer well-being and satisfaction and that had originally been the key factor to their success. This customer based marketing has been proved as the right track for their successive triumphs they have reached so far. Philosophy – Since its beginning, Abou Shakra has placed importance on its elegant dishes, prepared them with passions and provided a memorable experience to their guests. Abou Shakra has been following this philosophy ever since its establishment. This philosophy has brought in some other values n different ways.

Such as – Abou Shakra has always ensured that its supplies are provided daily and they are preserved with appropriate standard. They have their own farms for meats and vegetables so that they can best product in the market. Over the years, it has kept its menu as simple as possible. Following no complexities has allowed it provide the best food so far. It has also maintained a hygiene environment for its customers so that they can feel like home. Their best feature would be their well trained employee wing that that ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.

Q 02: Do you think Abou Shakra should develop a high-growth strategy? Why or why not? Ans: No, I don’t think Abou Shakra should develop a high growth strategy. Abou Shakra has successfully managed to collect good amount of profit over the years by following its existing strategy. This strategy has ensured its high efficiency rate all the way from its beginning. The reason behind this successful strategy –

1) Outstanding service – From its day one, Abou Shakra has emphasized on one thing only and that is customer satisfaction. Through its amazing services, this restaurant has managed to satisfy almost all the customers it attends every year. Elegant dishes, friendly employees and hygiene environment have helped it to achieve its peak.

2) Correct Locations – Though it was first established in 1947, it only has 12 outlets in Egypt including 2 international branches. This way of choosing correct locations for the food lovers proves to be one of the best strategic ways it has followed. But these various locations didn’t come out as a hectic way of managing as Abou Shakra has always ensured its fresh deliveries to its each outlet.

3) Fresh Ingredients – Fresh ingredients also helped it to maintain the equal interest in all outlets. They never compromised with any of its ingredients even it was their overseas outlet which has proved as one of the best way to ensure satisfied customer.

4) Low budget on Advertisement – As Abou Shakra believes that satisfied customer is the best advertising tool, they always tend to reduces expenses instead of spending a large amount of money. They even try to spend that money on increasing the quality of the food and service provided.

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