Abortions Should Be Stopped

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How would you like it if someone took away your ability to live and have a future? Babies have rights to right? Abortion is not the answer and it should definitely be Banned. Abortion is murder. Not only does abortion kill innocent babies but abortion also raises the risk of having many medical problems for the mother. Other mothers suffer from depression and anxiety because of their feelings of regret or guilt after the abortion. By suffering from depression and anxiety some of these mothers can either become drug addicts, alcoholics, or others may even commit suicide.

Life is full of choices and unfortunately, people sometimes make choices that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Abortions should be illegal because if you are going to go out and have unprotected sex, then you should be willing to take full responsibility for your actions. I don’t feel it’s right that women that have abortions, only think about themselves and not about the baby.

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They always want what’s best for them, and we can understand but, there’s also a child involved in the situation. Abortion is not the way to go. There are many other options, such as websites, youtube videos, and friends and family that can help you take care of the child until your back up on your feet. “Instead of aborting the baby, gather support around you instead. Your family is always a great place to run to, as are friends and the baby’s father, but sometimes those people aren’t there for you.

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If that’s the case, then visit the website Priests For Life. They have a list of support centers all across America. These centers can answer your questions about pregnancy; offer financial, medical, educational and residential support; and many of them offer counseling, and will help you throughout your pregnancy” (Ariel Pakizer, 2014).

Abortion is murder, and people to this day still think by having an abortion, can get rid of all their problems and issues. Well they’re wrong. Having an abortion doesn’t do anything but cause more problems and issues. The only way to find true happiness is to proceed with having the baby and later on, if you choose not to want it, just hand the child over to someone that is willing to watch over the baby either permanently or until your back on your feet. But no, you people are disgusting and choose to murder a baby, for your own benefit. That sounds like selfishness to me, and i’m not too happy about it. The lives of innocent babies are obviously not cared for when having an abortion. And one reason for that being is because the mother is not yet mentally nor physically prepared to take on all the weight. What women don’t think about at the time, is the people around them, their relatives, their friends, these people can help out taking care of the baby, these people will be by your side whether it’s family or not.

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Abortions Should Be Stopped
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