Abortion: What Is the Reaction of the Society Essay

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Abortion: What Is the Reaction of the Society

In today’s society moral standards of society, are becoming more & more justified. Abortions are becoming a controversial issue in the American society. It should be supported because of woman rights, rape & incest and health in women that could be a life and death situation that they may not be able to carry their unborn babies to full term.

First, not to mention 1920 changed everything giving woman the right to vote and make their own choices and decisions. Woman now have rights to be able to get pregnant & not have to carry their babies to full term. Women also, are able to make choices about their bodies & reproductive lives without having a law placed on it. (Roe v. Wade 1).

Secondly, woman who has been raped should have a choice. The woman is going through enough stress and trauma. So, carrying a baby for nine months is going to put a lot of stress on the mother. It will break her down physically, mentally and emotional. She just went through terrible act of injustices. The woman would be reminded of the committed violence against her that she won’t be in a good state of mind to take care of the child properly. So, that case abortion will be the best option.

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In addition, my girlfriend was a victim of rap and she has a daughter who doesn’t live with her, but her grandmother decided to take her in. My girlfriend isn’t able to take care of her daughter as she would like too. The father isn’t in the child’s life since she’s been born. Also, my girlfriend is having a hard time finding a way to tell her daughter who’s her father and why he isn’t in her life. This is a case abortion would be acceptable.

Third, some women aren’t always that successful carrying their baby to full term. The health of the woman can cause her to have to terminate her pregnancy. It is very rare when abortion is required to save the mother’s life. When two lives are threatened and only one can be saved, doctors must always save that life. There are many more ways a woman that has health problems that would need to terminate her pregnancy. For example, a woman with HIV, a woman who’s on drugs really heavy, an STD that caused the amino fluid to leak out etc.

To conclude, abortion is a controversial manner it has its pro’s and con’s on how a person should go about trying to have an abortion. It’s a widespread topic that can be justified by three main areas, rape, the health of the woman who’s not able to keep their child full term, also women having rights and choices about their own body. Many people today have their own personal beliefs on how abortion should be used in today’s society.

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