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Abortion Side Effects on Young Women

Categories: Abortion

Have people ever told you that abortion could leave bad side effects. Abortions could lead you to severe abdominal and back pain, bleeding that heavier than normal menstrual period, suicidal thoughts and never wanting to have children again in the long term. The reason children and parents should keep reading is because people attend to just chose to go to abortions but don’t know to side effects after they get the abortion done.

Abortion causes women, to become depressed because having the thought of killing a child that wasn’t born could hurt.

But some people may never have that feeling because some women might be, raped and don’t wants the mans left overs or remainders after they been through that pain. Stated from, Women who have an abortion are 3x more likely that women of child-bearing age in the general population to commit suicide. The increased risk percentage of women who have an abortion compared to women in the general population of having at least one mental health issue: 81%.

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This information that being stated is that women are becoming more depressed because they had an abortion. Or the mother of the child that got aborted wouldn’t really want to think about attending another child.

Also, when you have an abortion it could lead to infected wombs, excessive bleeding which means menorrhagia can cause blood loss amimia by reducing the number of circulating red blood cells. Even when having an abortion, the baby haves to be 3-24 weeks because the baby wouldn’t be developed, Stated from www.

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You won’t be charged yet! that “Its best for an abortion to be done as early as possible. Abortions performed early can help from not having any medical histories”.

Having abortions could lead you to being less likely from having a child. Stated from the source Mother’s Baby “There is possible link between abortion and certain pregnancy and birth related risked and while these are uncommon, they are good to know about”. This source is states that there’s never a time people don’t have time problem. Also, they stated that if you have abortions often then you are in higher risk than other people because they seem that being cut open Is often cut open more and more which causes affections in that area. “If you’ve had a few abortions, you are at a higher risk of having an infection after the procedure. Worst case scenario, this can block the fallopian tubes; explains Dr Venkat. ‘If the tubes are blocked, the egg and sperm cannot meet and natural conception will not occur,’. This author is saying that once you have an abortion you shouldn’t make it a habit.

Some people agree that people should have abortions because they’re not for ready to become a mother or not ready for another child, I don’t want others to know about my pregnancy or that I’m having sex, My husband/partner wants me to have an abortion, There are problems with the health of the fetus, There are problems with my own health, My parents want me to have an abortion. But these are all good reasoning, the side effects of an after abortion could lead to bad effects also.

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