Abortion Should Not be the Answer to Decrease Overpopulation

Eric Knight begins chapter three with a parable which illustrates the entirety of chapter three. The parable then transitioned into the introduction of, author, Thomas Malthus, Malthus then help a main position in the chapter. Malthus was fearful that the population growth would cause a food shortage, through the chapter Knight introduced a few other people and their views which correlated with Malthus. One correlation came further into the chapter when Eric Knight introduced William Stanley Jevons, an economist. Jevons believed that the population growth would cause a coal shortage.

Knight then proceeded to explain how each of these scenarios were wrong due to the fact that they could not, and had not predicted the industrial revolution which was a big factor in all of these scenarios. The industrial revolution was a pivotal moment for the advancement in technology, which then became the main point of this chapter.

Kight finished this chapter by making his testimony clear, “Technology does not arise by fluke.

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It is carefully cultivated through systems and processes that easily disappear if they are not acknowledged and nurtured.” When showing concern about the rapid population growth, and the fact that it is thought to have caused several potential shortages, people immediately though, the answer was to reduce population size. Knight then gave an example from ecologist, Garrett Hardin, and bestselling author, Paul Ehrlich, “The world was growing too quickly and something had to give if we were to maintain a healthy planet. Ehrlich and Hardin argued that meant stopping population growth.

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” Morally they were trying to come to a solution that would benefit themselves instead of politically looking at what is in the best interest of the population as a whole. As for abortion in today’s time people automatically fight against it because it is “murder” in the sense that performing an abortion is taking a human life, and even though the child has yet to be wrong and won’t know the difference, it is morally wrong to kill someone. In 1948 people’s morals were the opposite, they thought for themselves.

In 1948 Garrett Hardin Felt as if people were still going to bear children, then there may be a need for legislation to limit people’s freedom by instituting a law requiring women rget compulsory abortions (forced abortions). In sixty years, people’s views and morals have dramastically changed. The main difference in these experiences is now, no one wants to force abortions, the moral dilemma here is giving women a choice, in the 1940’s the dilemma was, the population was too high, so forced abortions were an option to solve their problem. Other differences are, now morally people want to argue about harm to the baby, pain of the baby, the baby doesn’t have a voice to speak up, mother’s will regret having an abortion in the future, and hundreds more of little arguments. Back then, at that moment in history, abortion was solely to limit population growth in fear that everything they have will disappear.

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