Abortion: Evil or Legal

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If a mother kills her child, say her five year old son for example, she goes to jail. So, why do people believe that it is perfectly fine to execute an innocent, unborn child in the womb? The unborn child will never get to run around in a field on a sunny day or drink hot chocolate on a snowy day. It is inherently known that murder is wrong and should be illegal, but for some reason abortion is thought to be okay and it should be legal.

In 1973, in the Supreme Court case of Roe v. Wade, abortion was legalized in America. Despite this, abortion is one of the most debated topics in America today. The debate is split into two sides, the Pro-Life side and the Pro-Choice side. The Pro-Choice side argues that abortion is the mother’s choice and that it should be legal, while the Pro-Life side argues that abortion is wrong and should be illegal. The Pro-Life side is correct in believing that abortion is an immoral and evil act and, despite the growing support for abortion, it should be illegal and something no one condones.

Abortion should be illegal because life begins at conception meaning fetuses are alive, abortion is murder because the fetus is alive, and because abortion goes against God’s command.

The central issue of the abortion debate is whether or not the fetus is a living person, and since they are living people, abortion should then be illegal. As soon as the sperm meets the egg and the egg is fertilized, a new being begins to form.

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Fetuses are the result of fertilization, after the new being grows and develops. This new being is originally called a zygote. According to Cathy Ruse and Rob Schwarzwalder, in their article The Best Pro-Life Agreements for Secular Audiences, “the zygote is composed of human DNA and other human molecules, so its nature is undeniably human and not some other species” (Best). Zygotes also have genes that are specific to only them, making them their own person. At fertilization, or conception, the genes set in place already determine what the fetus will look like when it grows up. Cathy and Rob also state that the fetus is biologically alive as it meets the four criteria for being alive, which are the ability to grow, reproduce, react to the environment, and a way to gather energy. They state “the earliest human embryo is biologically alive. It fulfills the criteria needed to establish biological life: metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction” .

Fetuses even meet the definition of an organism, as they are made of cells and have separate parts which carry out activities that the body needs each day. Someone in favor of abortion may say that a fetus is not truly alive until it can survive outside of the womb, at around twenty-three weeks. In rebuttal of this statement, fetuses are made of human DNA and meet the criteria for being alive before their heart even begins to beat. If they are not alive because they can not survive on their own, then should patients on life support no longer be considered alive, as they can not survive on their own either. Using all of this information, it is easy to deduce that fetuses are just as much of a living person as some man walking down the street.

Now that it has been established that fetuses are alive, the main reason abortion should be illegal can be discussed, and that is the fact that abortion is murder. Abortion is defined as the “deliberate termination of a human pregnancy”, or intentionally ending it. In the article The Wrong of Abortion written by Patrick Lee and Robert P. George, describe the argument that some pro-choicers may make regarding the intentional killing of a fetus. They state that, “In effect, their argument is that, at least in many cases, abortion is not a case of intentionally killing the child, but a choice not to provide the child with assistance, that is, a choice to expel the child from the womb” (Wrong). In essence this argument does not have validation because if the help a child needs to survive is taken away, it will die. Just because no one stabs the fetus or drugs it to kill it, does not mean it is not murder. Withholding the drugs that an elderly patient needs to survive is practically the same thing as not giving the fetus the resources it needs to live. Both of these cases are murder, and there is no way around that fact. Later on in the article they prove why abortion is murder when they say, “In the vast majority of cases, the death of the child in utero is precisely the object of the abortion” and “the attempted abortion would be considered by the woman requesting it and the abortionist performing it to have been unsuccessful if the child survives”.

The success of the abortion is defined as the child being exposed of and the mother no longer being pregnant. When the fetus is exposed of, it dies. It should be obvious that if someone intentionally stops the life of someone else, it is murder and yet abortion is still illegal. People living in America can go to a doctor and kill the child living in growing inside them, their own offspring, and no one bats an eye. Now, if someone kills a child that has already been given birth to, people think it is wrong and the murderer goes to jail. So what is the difference? Three month old babies depend on the mother to supply them with the sufficient needs for life, as does a fetus, but one is murder and one is not. That is just simply not acceptable, and abortion needs to be outlawed as it is murder as well. To go against the point that abortion is murder, someone may state that the child is apart of the mother and that it is her choice to do whatever she wants with her body. As stated before, fetuses have their own unique genetic makeup setting making them their own person, and setting them apart from the mother. Fetuses are also the product of both a man and a woman, so even if the fetus was not its own person, it would have to be a combination of the mother and the father. Therefore, it would be a choice to be made by the man and woman, not just the woman. Now that it is understood that fetuses are alive and that abortion is the termination of the pregnancy, it can also be understood that abortion is murder because of these facts.

The final reason abortion should be illegal is based on the foundation from the previous points. Abortion goes directly against what God tells us. In Exodus 20:13, God says thou shall not murder. If a fetus is alive, then abortion is murder and that is exactly what God tells us not to do. In Genesis 1:28, God commands man to be fruitful and multiply. This means God wants humans to have kids and populate the Earth. Abortions reduce the amount of children being born and get rid of a human life, once again going against what God tells us to do. While talking about David in the book of Psalms, Kerby Anderson states in her article Arguments Against Abortion that “David contemplates the origin of his life and confesses that God was there forming him in the womb” (Arguments). God makes people in his image and exactly how he wants them to be.

Humans are not some random cells and molecules thrown together randomly, but instead the creation of God. The Lord blesses humans with life and it is something he values as he wants everyone to live forever in Heaven. Life is important to God and should be important to people as well, but instead it is disregarded and taken for granted. Further into the article, Anderson brings up Exodus 21:22-25. These verses talk about what should happen if a pregnant woman is accidentally hit and gives birth prematurely. If the child is okay, then a fine is to be paid to the family by the man that hit the woman, but if the child is seriously injured then the man who hit her pays with “an eye for an eye” or even a “life for a life”. Anderson states that, “In other words, killing an unborn baby would carry the same penalty as killing a born baby. A baby inside the womb has the same legal status as a baby outside the womb” (Arguments). A baby having the same legal status both in and out of the womb, means that intentional killing of a pregnant woman’s child is murder as well. There are not lesser punishments if the child is inside the womb. If accidental death for the child results in payment with life, then imagine how God would feel if a child was intentionally killed.

The most obvious reason that someone would argue against this reason, is that they do not believe in God or that God is not real, so they do not have to listen to what he says. To battle this argument, it should be brought up to them that the founding fathers based their beliefs and the earliest laws of America, on the laws of God and what God said. Also, according to Pew Research Center, seventy percent of Americans are Christian. If this is correct, and these Christians are true followers of God and his word, then seventy percent of America should be anti-abortion as it is murder, which goes against God. In the pledge of allegiance, Americans recite one line that says “one nation under God”, pointing to the fact that America is still based on God and the Christian religion to some extent. Even if all of America believed there was no God, science proves that fetuses are living humans and therefore abortion is murder. Taking in all of this information, it is clear that, although God does not directly mention abortion, it is not something he would like and therefore it is not something that should even be discussed, let alone legal.

Despite the growing support of abortion all over America, if everyday people put in the time and research to truly examine the fetus and morals of abortion, they would come out knowing that abortion is immoral and something that should not be accepted. Abortion should be illegal because the fetus is in fact a living human and has the right to a full life, abortion is murder as the fetus is equal to humans outside of the womb, and finally because abortion goes against what God has commanded. The belief that abortion is a good thing should trouble people as it is murder, and many Americans support it. People need to realize just how awful abortion truly is. Society needs to stop going along with what is popular and start standing up for themselves and doing the right thing, not the easy one.

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