Abortion and Its Unethicality

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Jane Kisonda was sadly a barren women for most of her life. In years past, she had terminated many pregnancies, even on her first time of testing positive. She now lives with the ongoing effect of those abortions. Resembling Jane, millions of women who get abortions damage themselves and the people around them. These women and their partners are not fully aware of the effect they can cause by terminating a birth. Abortion is unethical because it harms the mother’s physical and mental state and is killing an innocent life.

When a woman has an abortion, her well being can be drastically affected. In the case where a minor would want to have an abortion, she must have consent of one of her guardians. Minors going through life changes want their families by their side to help them decide what they should do in their situation. The abortion, however, can cause the family to lose touch from each other if it is too big of a problem .

If the parents do give their consent for her to have the abortion, they are setting her up for a life of risk. Once she has the abortion, her chances of getting breast cancer skyrocket  . As a young girl, she now has to make the decision to keep or dismiss her child. Her decision to not have this baby can lead to later birth prevention. The trimester she had the abortion during will add to the mortality and morbidity rate of where she lives also .

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Missouri alone has had a 17% increase on second trimester abortions from new laws . As a girl gets farther into her pregnancy, she could potentially still have to give birth . Why someone would want to add to the growing number of baby deaths is mind boggling. Women go through hurt and loss when aborting the child they had inside them. Now, they have to determine why they put their family through paying so much money and expenses just for her choice to kill an innocent life.

In contrary to the woman’s mentality, she can go into hardship involving money. When a woman becomes pregnant without being financially ready, she can go into debt. As a minor, they are subject to go to court if they want an abortion from whatever situation caused it and must have consent of one guardian. The family will have to pay for lawyers, court fees, and personal fees. One court meeting alone will bring guilt to this girl. She made her parents pull hundreds of dollars from their pockets and life savings just to be in a few court meetings to figure out if their child should have an abortion or not. The law will treat her like this because she is a minor, her body should be inviolable and should not have even been in this situation at such a young age . In most cases, they will tell her to keep it unless it is life threatening. If she went through the right treatments, she can give birth to a healthy baby and put it up for adoption. In the United States, there is a way to have many benefits and be helped by great medical practitioners to deliver the baby safely. Then, set it up for adoption if the family chose to. When someone here has everything, the women in Tanzania have it harder. If a Tanzanian is choosing to abort her child, the hospitals are statistically under average performance because of its location. Not all are like this, but when a woman goes through with the abortion, she can have a lifetime in jail for killing that innocent life . Hospitals throughout the world range from the highest of prices to the lowest. Typically going to a lower income hospital means you will not receive the proper help compared to a higher priced hospital. However far along a woman is in her pregnancy, will add to the hundreds of dollars piling up in her debt. This money could have gone to her taxes, bought her food for the week, paid her bills and supported her family. Instead, she decided it was in her best interest to kill someone who did not have a single chance at life.

It is true that a woman should have the right to their own body. As a grown woman pursuing her lifestyle, she is mature enough to make her own decisions and believe what is best for her. For her own health, this abortion could be the best route for her . When women do not have the abortion, they are potentially not letting other women do their job at the clinic. This woman can also argue that she does not believe she ever wants children. So when the time comes that she is pregnant, her escape route is to have an abortion and get on with her life . She can do her own thing because she is a grown up and has gone through all the questions and doubts by herself. To her, she is helping herself.

Although, these women are aiding in destroying a precious life that could have benefited society in a brighter way. Women of the age of twenty years alone account for 60% of the abortions nationwide and economically. Just from 2014, it was accounted for 652,639 abortions within the United States alone. Then in 2015, there was a 2% decrease which made the number go down to 638,169 abortions . Still, this is a ginormous number of deaths. As years have gone on, more women have started to realize how bad abortion is. Too much death has occurred and women, who have motherly instincts to care for a child have been diminishing over the years because society says it is alright to go through with killing fetuses. The risks within families however, are so much harder on the woman. 30% of families have violence whether it is self inflicted or by someone else take place in their household . Depending on the families around the nation that have not even been accounted for, can make t percentage higher. It is not always known when violence is taking place behind closed doors. A woman can prevent this by taking birth control or having her partner wear a condom. In 2014, six individual women who underwent an abortion died as a result. Whatever the woman decides, is solely on her. However, that means that she must live with the consequences of her actions.

Abortion alone has resulted in millions of deaths worldwide. Since 2017, 60 million babies and counting have been killed as a result of when the abortion law came into legislation back in the seventies. To some people, abortion is put out to be a good way for women to simply not have a child. Society however does not see the full picture of what abortion can consist of. Thousands of babies are dead from having their skull stabbed with scissors and brains drained from an abortion. This is partly what “dismemberment abortion” is. The doctor or practitioner will be able to pull the babies’ legs and head off until the baby bleeds to death while inside the womb. This happens in the first to second trimester. Whether the women has been taking time to think about what she wants to do with the baby, then it’ll be a long time for when she has the actual abortion which results in having to go through dismemberment abortion. Just as people in wars can lose body parts, unborn babies are having the same thing done to them. They can not receive help because they are already being removed by someone who does not want them.

More babies have been killed from abortion then people who died in wars . If that doesn’t show how awful the world has gotten with how to deal with death, be introduced to the statement pro-abortionists say. The baby is only a bunch of living cells that are growing and being scraped out. Fetus’ are technically starting out as cells. Though, those are human cells from a human being. A sperm and egg came together to form this now growing body. Taking the cells out is killing a life to be. When it is calculated, more fetuses have been killed than people who have died of heart disease. A baby is killed every 2.5 minutes from an abortion. Why a woman and even the person she is potentially with have the audacity to throw a child away like it had nothing to offer just proves how much they take life for granted.

If the amount of children who have been aborted had a chance to live, they could have drastically helped with the current job crisis that many people today suffer from. Contributing to the fact that so many babies are killed every few minutes of every day, these lives do not even get the chance to help with issues involving our society. Social Security has its own ups and downs, but now when the baby is killed, it can not contributed to help SS in anyway. Under the jurisdiction of the United States, men and women alike have the right to their own life . Why is it then that unborn babies do not have rights? The woman carrying the baby had a right to live which does not explain why the fetus has no rights. To reiterate, the current president even went against abortion because the baby is directly taken from the womb . Though the president has said some questionable things that can upset people, he knows that killing a baby is the same as killing a grown man; it is still murder. Though, some can argue that the mother has to protect her own life.

Admittedly, a mother who aborts still has her life ahead of her. Past First Lady, Hillary Clinton, stated that she is for partial birth abortion because it is the woman’s choice when to have a baby (Tobias 1). Hillary Clinton has usually been a good spokeswoman for other women as well. Along with Mrs. Clinton, the individual state government has the right to choose if they legalize abortion within their state . The states legislation are chosen according to who the people want to be spoken for. People will vote according to their abortion beliefs which helps the women.

Nevertheless, Generation Y (1977-1995) is partially missing because of the amount of deaths by abortions. With the rate of abortions that happened for Generation Y, there are less workers in that age department . This due to when abortion was legalized in 1973. When a mother aborts, her body will resist it. This is a natural and humane way of living and has now been interrupted . When a body is interrupted of a natural process, it can hinder someone’s actions which has led to the increase of teen suicide rates from abortions . A mother should not have to lose her child from suicide. Nor should a woman not give her fetus a chance.

Jane’s infertile condition is amongst the same as many other women who have had an abortion. It is very upsetting to say how women get so many side effects from killing an innocent life that she could have called her own. A woman will sign her life away when getting an abortion from the after effects and long term hurt her body will go through. Whether she realizes it or not, she has committed a crime and has killed an innocent life that did not get a fair chance at life just like she did. This world keeps growing with new ways to get rid of a baby so quick and easily like it is an object to throw away. Abortion is the equivalent to throwing a baby off of a twenty story building. People will argue how that is completely different. Is it really though? Either way, someone is killing another person’s life. Whether it be the baby they did not let live a full and meaningful life, or they kill themselves from the inside out by the effects from the devilish work of aborting a child

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