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Abnormal presence Essay

All the monster desired from Victor was a decent upbringing, and an explanation for his creation. Shelley was trying to put this point forward as it’s a question all children would ask and expect of their parents, as it’s the responsibility that they take on when they commit to having children. Shelley emphasises the point again, that Victor was not ready to commit to this responsibility. The creature begins life isolated from mankind. His isolation is amplified by humans’ reactions to him; he means them no harm, yet they flee from him or force him away as they are not used to such an ‘abnormal presence’.

The creature flees a group of bewildered individuals and escapes to a secluded cottage in the woods, where he shelters himself away from the cold weather and rain.. The creature is fascinated by the cottagers’ behavior and immediately attracted to their beauty and tenderness. He observes their lifestyle through an opening in his shelter and a crack in the cottage wall. Through this all the creature is thinking about is how he desires such a childhood, such a lifestyle and upbringing, yet he was brought into this world as a neglected baby.

He started out feeling isolated and an outcast from society, but see’s a family with such warmth and welcoming in this world. His observations of the family connect him with other people and reduce his unnaturalness by allowing him to study about and imitate normal people. The creature then learns that there is more to life than what he has seen, and wants to get to know the De Lacey’s better, and as a possibility become a part of their family.

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Bear in mind the creature has been alive in the hovel for over a year now, and has been hiding in it for the majority of the time. After much planning and effort, the creature attempts to speak to the eldest De Lacey. While the old man is home alone, the monster enters the cottage and begins conversing. Sympathetically acknowledged by the old man, the creature decides to share his story just as the other De Lacey’s return. Disgusted at the sight of the deformed figure, Felix attacks the creature, who flees to his hovel to hide, his fondest hopes crushed.

The creature, enraged by his dismissal, experiences hatred for the first time: “I could with pleasure have destroyed the cottage and its inhabitants and have glutted myself with their shrieks and misery” This shows how the family interpreted the monsters presence as disturbing, when all the monster wanted to do was to find a family who would love and care for him, unlike Victor. The monster realises the tie that binds himself and his creator: “from you only could I hope for succor . . . on you only had I any claim for pity and redress”

This shows us that from the way Victor dismissed him, it was the cause of so much hatred and anger when rejection happens all over again to the creature. The creature has learned aggression and deception through his exposure to society and his education. Shelley has included this to give us an image of what is would have been like to have not been brought up with love and affection from our parents, and to not have had the memories and experiences we do now. Without these the creature could not comprehend his existence, and makes the need to be with his father more apparent.

To conclude Mary Shelley has captured the essence of why family and domestic affection are so important during our lives, as without it she has given us a fictitious example of what we might turn out like. The use of the creature gives us a clear understanding that he was not brought up in the way we all take for granted, and how such small things we don’t blink an eyelid to, make such a significant effect on our lives. Victor’s denial and rejection of the creature shows me how hard it would be to bring up something you weren’t entirely convinced you wanted, and you could cope with.

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