Aberdeen Airport Essay

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Aberdeen Airport

1. Background and Problem Statement

Aberdeen Airport was opened in 1935 and it is owned by the British Airports Authority (BAA plc). Back then it was surrounded by countryside but presently, due to the development of the city, it is surrounded by houses. Currently the airport faces some issues due mainly to its location and accessibility.

2. Analysis of Data

Aberdeen Airports it is a relatively small airport with one main passenger terminal and two which are specifically used by the oil-related companies. In order to remain on the market, Aberdeen Airport had to take necessary measures along with its competitors. But given the fact that it is a relatively small airport it was quite hard to face all the expectations and now they are facing some problems, which are the following:

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2.1 Short runway

Currently the Aberdeen Airport is used by ‘only’ fifteen airlines. The short runway is the main reason for this. The average holiday plane requires a longer take-off area, so they avoid this airport. Consequently, the people from this area are forced to take a plane to the nearest major airport in London, Paris or Amsterdam in order to go on a holiday.

2.2 Airport’s accessibility

The airport is accessible from Aberdeen city by road and rail. Bus links are provided, but for those with large baggage it is inconvenient. Taxi fares are approximately 12 pounds per journey and using the railway also requires a taxi to reach the destination.

2.3 Curfew

Incoming flights to Aberdeen face a 10 p.m. curfew, after which no flights can land. Delayed flights may be forced to Glasgow or Edinburg and then the passengers have to take the bus back to Aberdeen, which can be very annoying. The curfew was imposed by the local authority, due to citizen’s request.

3. Alternative Solutions

Aberdeen Airport is facing some problems and needs to invest and improve in order to get rid of them. For fixing the present issues the following alternative courses of action can be taken:

3.1 Short runway

In order for the airport to be approachable by more airlines, thus increasing its profit the Aberdeen airport should take into consideration building a longer runway. On short term this may mean a bigger deficit, but on long term it may be favorable.

3.2 Airport’s accessibility

Taking into account the cities accessibility options, we can conclude that neither is favorable for the airport’s clients. By introducing a shuttle service (public transport bus service designed to quickly transport people between two points), we can solve these problems. It is cheaper than the taxi, but faster than the average bus, and it also solves the problems of the customers that have bigger luggage, because the bus has a trunk too.

3.3 Curfew

Restricting all flights after 10 p.m. is a huge loss for the Aberdeen Airport, an agreement could be made. Offer the people in the town a discount for plane tickets, in return smaller planes can land after 10 p.m. Bigger planes will be redirected to the nearest airport, but passengers who wanted to go to Aberdeen will get a free bus ticket, courtesy of the Aberdeen Airport.

4. Recommendations

In light of the above analysis, it is recommended that in short-term, the company should:

4.1 All the flights has to be redirected to the nearest airport
4.2 Temporary closing the airport, until the improvement is done
4.3 Buying shuffle buses
4.4 Starting the settlement with the local citizens
4.5 After the work is done, implement the busses

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