Abercrombie & Fitch vs Armani Essay

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Abercrombie & Fitch vs Armani

‘’Fierce,’’ ‘’work it,’’ ‘’bespoke,’’ ‘’black,’’, ‘’covert couture,’’ ‘’edgy,’’ ‘’fashion forward,’’ ‘’aspirational,’’ ‘’faux pas,’’ ‘’so last season,’’ ‘’glamourista,’’ ‘’retro-futurism,’’: these are some of the words most familiar to fashionistas around the world. Milan, Paris, New York City, London, and Tokyo: these are the cities to be in if you want to know what each designer is preparing for next season, places to be if you want the best and new collection for your clothes.

Nowadays, designers know not only that they need the newest and finest clothes but also the psychological appeal that will make the consumer want to buy their clothes. Abercrombie & Fitch and Armani both employ the same type of models, but Armani the one that appeals to more conservative and upscale customers is more effective. The designers use the same type of models in their ads. They employ typical young models, athletic, handsome, charming, radiant, almost angelic. They know how to target their audience and appeal to their emotions because most of the consumers want to look like the models in their advertisements.

The models that they put in the ads are those who the everyday consumer doesn’t resemble. The designer implies that buying the product will make the consumer look like the model. Ultimately, both designers appeal to a certain type of consumer and demographics according to their style of clothing design. Less clothes and more revealing is what Abercrombie & Fitch commercializes and advertises. In New York, their store has semi-naked models greeting customers. Some of the models might only he wearing jeans, and, in other cases, they might be walking around in their underwear.

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Their target audience is the guy next door outgoing, fun, young, athletic, casual, and, most of all, nice-looking. In this particular ad, Abercrombie and Fitch use black and white contrast. The scene gives the illusion of how the costumer would feel like in paradise, and where everything is laid back and where there are no problems. Their models are not wearing shirts, and the scene is casual contrast. The scene sends the consumer into the outdoors, in the spring, and where the fun is endless, priceless, and where the perfect place to be is and all of your wild dreams come true. Couture and sophistication brands Armani.

Classic and cultivated is how they advertise and commercialize. When consumers hear this brand, they automatically think of blase, refined, elegant, luxury, and conservative. Their target audience is upper class with refined taste, a working man who wants to feel important and cultivated, the class of customers who are not only going to spend money but also know the quality of the product. In this ad, the designer picked an upscale place to shoot and the background is mainly black.. The ad was shot in black and white but the consumer still can distinguish the color of the model’s clothes and bag.

The ad also evokes a fine of classic film and elegance, and lures the consumer into an era of where wealth and refined is everything. The ad transports the consumer into a fantasy dream of how he would look with those clothes on and what kind of life style you can have. Both Abercrombie & Fitch and Armani hire a specific type models, the models have to be over 6 ft tall, slimmed and tone, perfect cheek bones, blond and black hair, porcelain face, and almost like a creature send from heaven. However, they differ in how they promote their product.

One believes semi-naked models are more marketable while the other goes for the extravagance and exquisiteness. Abercrombie & Fitch and Armani are known worldwide. Their type of advertisement works because they appeal to different audiences. Abercrombie & Fitch pushes the envelope in the sexuality and homoeroticism. Armani stays traditional and conservative and doesn’t push the envelope in sexuality. Their product has a tremendous impact in our society, dictating class and taste in clothes, imagine of success, income, and whether or not the consumer fashionista.

These two particular brands have an impact on my life because I have worn both designer clothes, and Armani is my favorite designer. Even if the consumer didn’t know who Armani was or what is sells, just by looking at this ad, it captivates the consumer with its style of model, clothes, accessory, and allure of black and white film that puts the consumer into this trance of what their life would be like and how they would look like if they owned Armani clothes.

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