Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Essay

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Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Aljanadriah Festival is a famous traditional celebration that is held yearly in AlJanadriah place. It is about 45 km from Riyadh’s city district, the kingdom’s capital city.

This festival is one of the oldest festivals in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it is considered one of the most important celebrations in the Arab world. Many people come from all over the world just to attend tis great festival and after, they say, ” It’s worth it “. The purpose of the Aljenadriah is to save our culture and to remains us about how our parents lived and to tell and teach the new generation about it. Aljanadriah festival usually begins from the 12th to 26th of February. It’s the National Festival of Heritage and Culture in the Aljanadriyah region of Riyadh and it has been held since 1986. It is organized by the National Guard under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz.

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Each year, the celebration will invite a country to participate and be involved in the activity. The guest country will be in the center and will show us its own culture, so we will learn another culture at the same time. I remember last year the guest country was China. They danced in special way that is a symbol for them. I enjoyed it very much. I am writing about this festival because it is celebrated and shows all aspects of the Saudi culture including art, theater, heritage and history.

It is divided into different parts according to the Saudi cities, which is the north region, south region, east region, and middle region. Every one of these regions has its own characteristics in many aspects, for example, clothing and dancing. There are also several performance held in each part of the celebration. When I was an intern, it was required of me to do a cultural presentation for the staff; I chose to present a talk about this great festival.

All of the staff were non Arabs, and they enjoyed it very much, I showed them some videos from my own camera and they got motivated to go. I wish I could let everyone go there and discover my culture and my country I am sure they would to love it.

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