ABC Glass Case Essay

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ABC Glass Case

ABC Glass was bought by the French Group Glass International (G.I.) in 2003 and is located in the Middle East. This factory produces a low cost and quality glass brand under the name of ABC Glass. Besides the existing two furnaces with two lines: one producing opal tableware and one producing clear glass, G.I. built an additional furnace which greatly improved the yield and with technicalassistance from France, the quality of locally produced ABC Glass was improved and the items were as good as anything produced by G.I. in France. However, as production expands, ABC Glass comes up with 3 main problems:

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Difficulty with sales targets: Regional VP Sales and the ABC Sales team think the target is difficult to achieve. Logistics problems: Because of the delay in packaging and shipping, the useless inventory caused a yearly loss of approximately 2 Million Dollars. Brand & marketing issues: It’s believed that the ABC brand potentially takes sales away from the lower end G.I. products. We are supposed to analyse the above problems through a strategic perspective and methodology and give solutions and recommendations. Below are the products of our discussion.

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