A380 Globalisation Essay

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A380 Globalisation

Describe how the A380 is both the product of and a contributor to globalization. An Airbus is the name of an Airline Company. This company makes a particular plane called the A380. The A380 is a is a four-engined, double-decked airplane made by Airbus. It is the world’s biggest passenger airplane, bigger than a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet. But, it is not the biggest airplane in the world because the Antonov An-225 is the biggest in the world.The Airbus A380 can carry up to 850 passengers (but it usually carries about 525), and weighs over 550 tonnes. It has four Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines or four Engine Alliance GP7000 engines. The companies General Electric and Pratt & Whitney make alliance engines. The A380 is a product of globalization because engineers have produced different parts of the aircraft in different parts of the world. Lots of the Aircrafts parts have been made in so many different countries and shipped back to the place where it was to be fully made. France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom all helped making these planes with the materials and parts they send.

This makes it a product of globalization because it has been and affected different parts of the world. As of July there are 138 Airbus A380 planes. The A380 is a contributor to globalization because it helps carry people across the globe to a huge amount of different countries. The A380 is very special, mainly because of its size. It is a double decker plane, and it is the world’s biggest passenger airplane. The A380 mainly uses these airlines: Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Qantas and Lufthansa. These airlines can basically get you around the world. I think that the A380 is good for globalisation because it connects lots lf different countries together as a transport and helps people get to their destination. The A380 is a major contributor to globalisation and helps people to travel, it is a big thing in globalisation and I think that its a great way to travel.

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