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A Write Complex Documents

You work for a financial planning organisation that manages thousands of clients’ portfolios and accounts. Recently there have been several changes in the industry that affect clients who have share portfolios. For some clients, the changes will have a negative effect on their investments while other clients will be receiving good news. You have been asked to write a letter to all the relevant clients asking them to attend an information session regarding the changes that will affect their share portfolio performance. When writing a business letter the first thing to determine is its purpose – ie what it is intended to achieve. in a short sentence, explain the the purpose of this letter. (For example, will it be used to provide information, ask a question or persuade people to do something?) The purpose of this letter is to inform the stakeholders about an information session where the main topic of the session will be about their investments as well as recent changes in the industry that will affect their investments.

What type of audience will the letter address and what sort of information should you consider including? This letter will mainly be addressing those who have investments in the organization as well as other stakeholders that are involved with the organization. The information in the letter would mainly consider information that has changed such as the industry changes, information regarding their investments and their portfolios and the time and location of the meeting as well as the date. It’s critical though to not point out that anything has changed significantly or to make the stakeholders or investors scared/frightened that something has negatively happened. The information should be restricted to the bare basics and shouldn’t include much about the topic of the meeting apart from what is going to be talked about, where the meeting is as well as time and date.

Write the letter and upload it for assessment. It should be formatted in a manner that would be appropriate for a business (if participants are working they should follow organisational expectations) and spelling and grammar must be accurate. See Section 1 Business Letter.docx

Why do you need to consider appropriate formats when planning to prepare a document? You need to consider appropriate formats when planning to prepare a document. It doesn’t matter whether the document is formal or just a letter that needs to be sent to the company staff, a document should be formatted in a professional manner and should also be done in an appropriate format. You need to consider margins, borders, headings, pictures (possibly), correct grammar and spelling as well as appropriate spacing.

You are preparing a proposal on behalf of your organisation. The proposal is for your organisation to exclusively provide training services to local government offices across the state. In two weeks’ time your manager will be presenting this proposal to the executive team of the local government offices. Your manager will need to provide local government executives with some documentation at the presentation. The proposal package consists of the proposal document that is 97 typed pages along with an appendix that contains complex graphics and pictures to support the proposal document.

Describe the most suitable means of communication for presenting this document. For a document of this size the most suitable and effective means of communication would be through a power point presentation as well as a personal packet for the members of the government office. If you can transfer the 97 page proposal onto a power point, it can keep the members minds in the office active as well as have their attention. With them also having their own personal packet they can write and take notes on it to their liking.

You are planning for the end of financial year document to be developed. What are some requirements that you would have to take into consideration?

You would need to consider:

◦legal or traditional requirements for the particular document format ◦compliance with proforma’s, standardised reporting requirements or undertakings made by the organisation about reporting

◦organisational policy, procedures and guidelines applying to writing documents, including house style ◦timelines, including deadlines

◦word length

◦compliance with genre

◦requirements for illustrations, photographs, graphs, charts, maps and other illustrative material to explain texts ◦standards for references, footnotes, citations, acknowledgements ◦file types and sizes for online documents

◦point numbering systems

◦writing styles, including simplicity of English and use of technical language ◦languages other than English requirements

In preparing the bi-annual sales figures report, what would be the most logical way to present the data and information? With a bi-annual sales report there are usually 3 ways that you can present the information. First one is to present it in a pie graph where it is divided into different sections that have spent the most money. Second is to present it in a bar graph representing again how much each department has spent but in this graph it is simple enough to follow the graph rather than a pie one. Third option is to display in an excel format would can clearly outline each department, expenditure and annual sales etc.

How you can develop an overview of the structure and content of the document. You can usually get an overall concept of a document if it has an appendix describing what the information is, if the document doesn’t have an appendix you can usually browse over the document and gain a general understanding of it. You can refer the document to other examples and from this you can also gain an overview of the structure and content of the document. Consider the introduction, body and conclusion of your document. Identify the main themes or issues to be addressed. Then, under each issue, identify sub-issues hold a brainstorming session.

Why do documents need to be structured?

Documents need to be structured in order to maintain a constant flow of information that is both relevant and easy to read and understand for the person reading it. If documents were not structured in a proper way then the information won’t be fully understood nor read correctly by the person reading it. Documents need to be structured in order to maintain a flow of information to the reader.

When communicating, messages must be appropriate to the needs of the audience, the subject and the occasion. Describe five of the points that you should consider when communicating. 1. Accuracy – The accuracy of reports, statistics and information being used 2. Consistency – All writing should be consistent and the information should flow 3. Explanation – Whether the information needs to be explained or expanded upon 4. Appropriateness – How appropriate the information is and how it is passed along 5. Courtesy – The information should be polite and constructive towards the recipients

Every composition, whether it is a short business letter, an article in a magazine, a set of instructions, or a long report, should be undertaken in four stages. Describe those four stages 1. Research – Gather information about the subject that you are writing about 2. Draft – Write the original version of your paper and give it to someone to draft, await their approval to go and edit the paper 3. Edit – Fix up any mistakes whether it be spelling, grammar or missing information 4. Publish – Submit the paper to someone of higher authority for them to publish

Summarise the structure of a long report.
– Title Page
– Introduces the topic of the paper
– Contents Page
– Outlines on which pages has which bits of information
– List and Figures/Information
– This covers most of the information for the paper throughout the paper
– Conclusion
– Summarizes the information and concludes the paper

Learner should summarise:
◦cover page
◦title page
◦covering letter or memo
◦contents page
◦list of figures, list of tables
◦glossary (optional)
◦body ◾introduction
◾discussion (results, findings)
◾signature back (or block)

◦bibliography (references)
◦appendix (one or more)

In many instances it is a good idea to use graphical representations to support the text in reports or business documents. Conduct research and find graphics or illustrations that might be used in documents providing information about the following:

a. information about staff turnover that might be presented at a meeting of the board
b. organisational profit and loss figures
c. an increase in sales in an organisation
Copy and paste these into a document, label it, save it and upload for assessment. See Images.docx

What is the difference between fact and opinion.
FACT is something that has been proven and can be supported with evidence from multiple sources both in books and on the internet OPINION is your own personal choice of the matter and how you look at it, this can have sources to back it up but usually an opinion is something different to everyone

What is the difference between an active and a passive voice. ACTIVE voice is talking about something in the present tense while taking in a PASSIVE voice is changing the expression to be talking about something in the past tense and at times changing the verb to suit the topic point.

You are employed by XYZ Consulting as an Administrator. XYZ Consulting provides management training services to corporate clients across Australia

Recently, there has been a change to the way the course is structured and delivered. This change is a result of a new employee entering XYZ Consulting. The new employee is Glenn Wheat and he is expected to start with the organisation as a specialist trainer and advisor within 2 weeks. Glenn has 10 years industry experience as a trainer and 20 years experience in management practices. He has specialised in many industries including banking and finance, real estate and recruitment. Glenn has brought some fresh and innovate ideas to the organisation changing the course for the better. You have been asked to prepare a detailed, professional, business letter to all existing clients of XYZ Consulting to introduce Glenn and explain why the course content will be changed. Proof read the letter and ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors. See Activity 8 Business Letter.docx

Review the draft text on ‘how to write a resume’ and check for any spelling and grammar errors. Want to make your resume shine? Here’s how to put together a resume that will impress any prospective employer. 1. Understand the purpose of a resume. This will help you to identify what is really important to focus on when putting yours together. Basically, a resume is a brief overview of your experience and credentials put together in such a way as to sell you as one of the best choices for a prospective employer to interview. It initiates the process of introducing yourself to the employer. Therefore, given that a resume is both introductory and a personal sales presentation, a good resume will be concise, easy to read, positive and interesting. 2. Make it easy to read.

The manner of presentation will impact how easy it is to read the resume. Use good taste when developing a resume and forget gimmicks; in general, recruiters approach resumes conservatively and do not like or trust being presented with resumes printed on colour paper, in 3D, with unusual fonts or shaped like whatever product the company’s trying to sell. Stay with what is tried and trusted because recruiters like the familiar, and anything that changes that trend risks a negative reaction. 3. Choose a style you will use. Leaving out personal pronouns is commonplace but the use of third person or first person is really up to you and your personal style. What matters is that you come across as personable and someone with whom people will want to work. Do not make it overly stiff or overly casual. Try to find a perfect medium.

Design a checklist that you can use as a guide when revising documents. Make sure you include any information that would assist you. For example, all relevant parts of the report have been included. Upload your checklist for assessment. See Checklist for Revising Documents.docx

Create a business letter of your choice and save it as Document1 and upload for assessment. See Document 1.docx

Apply track changes to Document1 and make further changes to it. Save this changed document as Document2 with all of the formatting and typing changes visible and upload for assessment. See Document 2.docx

Why is it important to get approval from the appropriate people for your draft text? It’s important to gain approval from the appropriate people who have drafted your text. Why is because if you produce or publish a piece of writing that has not yet been approved by an appropriate personnel, it can not only badly reflect on you but the personnel who has been drafting your work as well. This can also give the company or organization you are working for a bad image. Always gain approval from the personnel who are approving your work before you publish or present it.

Using a word processing software of your choice, type this text and apply appropriate design elements.
a. Type on an A4 page size.
b. Ensure that the page is in portrait.
c. Apply margins at 2cm on the left and right.
d. Do not apply paragraph indentation.
e. Insert relevant illustrations, photographs and other illustrative material for design purposes and ensure they are centred.
f. Only apply colour to the images and graphics.
g. Do not have too much white space.
h. Type in Arial, 11pt font.
i. Apply left alignment.
j. Make headings bold, 12pt and underlined.

See Section 4 Activity 11.docx

Create a checklist for completing this document to ensure that all requirements are met. Upload the checklist for assessment. See Section 4 – Checklist.docx

What planning steps will ensure the appropriate format for a complex document? When designing a complex documents, you can use previous presentations and documents as references as to how you will design it. Planning steps such as a design element, images, grammatical usage and how it will be communicated are usually the best steps to follow when trying to find an appropriate format for a complex document.

Why is understanding your audience critical when writing documents? You must know whether your audience is expected to:
◦read the document and then dispose of it
◦use the document to perform a task
◦refer to it occasionally

As you prepare any letter, memorandum, or longer communication, in administration, business or management, you need to consider the needs of your readers. Who are they? Why are you writing? What do you hope to achieve?

Many business communications are concerned with ensuring efficiency, quality and cost effectiveness, with a view to making a profit so that those who devote time to the business—employees, owners, or investors and shareholders, can be paid.

You need to be clear on who you are writing or producing your document for, why you are writing and what you wish to communicate. Your audience might consist of colleagues, business partners, senior executives, clients, competitors, the general public or all of these. The way you write, the language and format, should be appropriate to the audience.

Are you writing for a team of technical experts, for example, or for lay people? You also need to be aware of the aim of your writing, are you writing to inform, to persuade, to propose something new, to announce a decision, to argue for or against something, or to solve a problem? Your aim in writing will affect the way you present the information. When you write a work-related document, you represent your organisation.

What are three important factors which relate to the use of language in documentation? 1. Proper Grammar – Always make sure that the grammar for the language of the document is always done in a proper and professional manner 2. Swearing or Cursing – No curse or swear words are to ever be used in a documentation 3. Spelling Mistakes – Before the publishing of a piece of documentation make sure that both you and someone else has gone through the document to check for spelling and grammatical errors.

Develop a checklist that can be used to check final text documents. See Checklist for Final Documentation.docx
What considerations need to be made in regards to choosing basic design elements? What checks should be made to ensure all documents are accurate? You need to consider these elements:
◦page size
◦page shape
◦margins and paragraph indentation
◦illustrations, photographs and other illustrative material for design purposes
◦use and amount of colour
◦use and amount of white space
◦justification and alignment
◦capitals and underlining
◦lists and tables
◦logos, branding, organisational identity requirements
◦organisation’s style guide/ house style

An important consideration will also reflect the workplace style guide or image. The answer here needs to be directly related to the workplace and provide an example of their specific design elements.

Ensure you have checked your documents’:
◦language and style
◦spelling and punctuation

What does it mean to write in an impartial manner?
When writing in an impartial manner it means that you are writing in an unbiased manner. This means that you don’t support one side more than the other of favor one opinion to another. You are writing for both sides and presenting the information as equal opinions.

When communicating, why should the information be clear and concise? It is important when communicating with both colleagues and clients that the information you use or describe should be clear and concise. Why the information should be clear is so that there is no mis understanding between you and the client or colleague otherwise that can lead to mishaps in the work space as well as future endeavors. The information should also be concise so that they have a better understanding of the information and the intentions you have.

How can ergonomics and requirements for rest periods during working time impact on productivity. Proper ergonomic design contributes to user comfort and to the prevention of strain. This increases alertness, concentration and productivity. Fatigue will be reduced if operators have regular rest breaks. Every hour the computer operator should stand up and move away from the desk even if it is only for a few seconds. Just taking a break of a few seconds can improve concentration and focus. There are also exercises that people can do sitting at their desks, or standing up, in order to increase/improve blood circulation which helps maintain body health and reduces fatigue.

You are employed by a national recruitment and human resources organisation. The organisation began in 2002, providing staffing solutions for businesses South Australia. Since inauguration the organisation has continued to grow, opening offices in each state of Australia. Recently, the board of management approved a proposal for the inclusion of a new training arm of the organisation.

The training arm will specialise in sales training for people wishing to work in the automotive industry. As a result of inclusion of the new training division, management have given you a brief asking you to: 1. Prepare a document introducing the training division and explaining its purpose to the staff in the organisation. Design the product, Select the format and style as well as any graphics you will use. Develop appropriate text for the document. Prepare a draft of the document. See Project 1.docx

Proof read your draft using Track changes. Upload the copy with Track change changes on. See Project 1 Draft Check.docx

Draw up a final copy of the document. It should be ready to send out to personnel in the organisation. See Project 1 Final.docx

2. Develop some marketing material that will be used to attract and inform clients-to outline to clients in the automotive industry how the pre-employment training of applicants will be of benefit to them when they are looking to recruit and select new employees. Design the product, Select the format and style as well as any graphics you will use. Develop appropriate text for the document. Prepare a draft of the document. Upload your draft for assessment. See Marketing Material.docx

Proof read your draft using Track changes.
See Marketing Material Draft’.docx

Draw up a final copy of the document. It should be ready to send out to personnel in the organisation. See Marketing Material Final.docx

3. Provide a report describing and explaining the steps taken to plan the documents and ensure that each one meets the brief you have been given. Explain the action you would take to ensure appropriate conservation of resources (the resources used to prepare print and distribute the documents). Explain how and why you chose the design elements you used and why you believe the finished documents are appropriate for purpose and for the audience. Your assessor might ask a series of verbal questions to determine how you planned the documents and how you managed resources appropriately. See Project 1-3.docx

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