A Wrinkle in Time: Book and Movie Comparison

In the Book: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’engle is very divergent from the Movie: A Wrinkle in Time by Jennifer Lee. First, there are similarities and differences when it comes to book and the movie. Although both are interesting to read and watch.


The Murray family is from Connecticut. Charles wallace is their bological son and brother. The father had already vanished. Calvin met Meg in the woods. Mrs. Who did not fall asleep instantaneously. Calvin, Meg, Charles, and the mother did not sit down and eat together, although Calvin did say that food tastes scrumptious.

Mrs. Whatsit took the sheet, but came in through the garage. Meg didn’t have a bully although the book was precise about the fact the nobody wanted to be around her. Meg didn’t talk to the flowers. The Murray are white. Mrs. Which is older than her sisters and seems to stammer on numerous occasions. Aunt Beast healed Meg because of Mr.

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Murray’s bad tethering. Charles made enough food for their mother. Mrs. Whatsit was a centaur like creature with wings. Calvin was in the eleventh grade. The Happy Medium was a female. The teacher had sent Meg out of the classroom. The Murrays had twins boys who where Sandy and Denny. Mrs. Murray had flaming red hair. Aunt Beast had a role which was nursing Meg back to health. Mrs. Whatsit came in through the garage. Charles Wallace is five years old. The book tells you more about Calvin’s background.

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Camazotz changes forms. The kids doesn’t meet the man with the red eyes until the enter CENTRAL Central Intelligence. At the beginning of the book the three sisters know where Mr. Murray is. The Happy Medium uses a crystal ball in order to see where Mr. Murray is. The Happy Medium refused to help search for Meg’s father because it was an unpleasant thing to search for. The Happy Medium encouraged the group by saying that they could overcome the It.


Charles Wallace is intelligent. Mrs. Murray is beautiful. The Misses are still sisters. The It is still home to darkness.

Meg came down stairs on a stormy night to Charles Wallace making her something. The Happy Mediums live in caves. Meg saved her father from the darkness. Meg annihilated the darkness. Mrs. Whatsit took the sheets.


The Murray’s are from California. The Murray’s multicultural. Meg and her father talks in the beginning of the movie. Charles Wallace is adopted although it was not made clear as to whether he was adopted after Mr. Murray’s disappearance or before. Meg is walking the dog and Calvin came out of nowhere. Mrs.Whatsit is a flying plant in which the kids while on her could fly. They balanced rocks on their way to the Happy Medium. Meg hit Veronica with the basketball because of comment that Veronica made. Meg had multiple bullies in which Veronica was apart of. The Happy Medium was a male who in a way seemed interested in helping Meg find her father. Mrs. Which is Intelligent and can change from a enormously huge size to a human’s sized. Charles Wallace is six years old. The kids encounter the man with the red eyes on the beach. Mr. Murray’s whereabouts aren’t known until they visit the Happy Medium. There’s a lot more action in the movie. Calvin fell off of Mrs. Whatsit. Calvin was saved by the flowers. The Happy Medium used Meg and the group in order to see where Mr. Murray is.

In Conclusion, this is how the movie and the book are similar and divergent. Almost no movies can stay entirely true to the book.

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