A World of Kindness Essay

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A World of Kindness

The late Princess Diana, young as she were before she died, once gave us this gem of thought: “carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you. ” Those priceless words seem to apply today more than ever before for one simple reason—not every one in this world is able to survive the harsh times we face today, especially those who live in areas struck down by poverty. A random act of kindness—that is, any kind action towards a random person—can truly change not only the life of whom you’ve rendered a kind act but also on your own.

Doing so does not only give self-satisfaction and the feeling of joy; it also enriches your experience in one of the shortest trips in this world we call life. Imagine the world where all the people do a random act of kindness everyday to others, be it their neighbors or a stranger from across the street. Imagine young adults helping out a grandfather walk across the pedestrian lane on a busy weekday in New York. Imagine a businessman giving a portion of his daily budget to a starving beggar somewhere in the dirt roads in India.

Imagine an American soldier helping out an Iraqi family build their tattered and torn homes from the onslaught of the war. Imagine a Chinese mother helping out a lost child locate her parents in the vastness of a mall. These are all random acts of kindness, and any of these things can happen in almost every possible place in the world. Now, imagine the larger part of the world doing its own share in giving and helping others without even expecting any material profit in return.

Add them all up and the results can truly brighten up the lives of those who need help the most inasmuch as it can greatly change the way we live our lives in this world. The principle behind the late Princess Diana’s gem of thought is that of reciprocal kindness; the kindness that you do will be given back to you in a world where every person contributes to the larger sphere of ‘kindness’ giving. The best part of it is that you won’t even be expecting it from the most likely people you think like friends and family members.

Any person can give a random act of kindness to you and even to your relatives and close friends. In that world, while strangers get to share kindness to other strangers, the result is that people can actually get to know each other. In the process, fewer and fewer people can merely become strangers with one another. Similarly, it will come to a point where there will be little to no more strangers in this world. Our planet becomes a whole collective body of neighbors and friends living in one big society where no one is left out.

As more and more people would adapt the words of Princess Diana, one can fairly expect the lessening of disputes. The reason behind this is simple: more and more random acts of kindness leads to people getting to know one another, which then leads to open communication between people who used to be strangers and friends who might have been estranged from their other friends. Communication, or dialogue, between persons is important in establishing a good working relationship whether in home, school or in the office.

Giving out random acts of kindness inevitably necessitates communication between those who are at the receiving end of the kind act and those who perform the kind act. While the random acts of kindness eases out any tension inasmuch as it opens dialogue among individuals, it thereby creates a kind atmosphere, an environment that is not only caring but is also morally upright. Of course, it is difficult to create a world of kindness as this world can never be a perfect one. We know how wars have been raised on foreign soils and how the greed of people has deprived others of even the most basic things in life.

Then again, it is worth having the larger portion of this world being sensible enough to giving way to kindness than hatred. Isn’t it a marvelous thought that, indeed, someone might do to you the same act of kindness that you do to others? Who knows that in times you needed help the most someone out there might actually be there for you to provide a helping hand when you least expect it? As this world is filled with uncertainties, it is true that we may never exactly know what s ahead of us.

We do not know if tomorrow we will be facing either a good or a bad day, or day filled with the brightness of the sunshine or one that is filled with the darkness and coldness of a stormy night. Yet even though we can never be certain of our future, we still have the power to at least create a tomorrow that is closer to what we hope for. In a world of uncertainties, we can do random acts of kindness to random individuals which can ultimately lead to a better life for those people who are to receive these acts of kindness.

We can bring more favor to their future by helping them, giving them the things that we know can give them one more reason to believe that life is not all about sorrow and suffering; that in this world of uncertainties, if we are all determined enough to do random acts of kindness, our lives can be fulfilled in one way or another. To share what you have and what you know to other people who barely have enough in life and who barely know a thing or two about the tricks of surviving in these harsh times is to make this world a better place to live in.

And Princess Diana is right: “carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you. ” Works Cited “Quotes by Princess Diana”. Biography Online. July 10 2008. <http://www. biographyonline. net/people/diana/quotes-diana. html>. Mayer, Catherine. “Ten Years On: Why Diana Mattered”. Time. July 10 2008. <http://www. time. com/time/specials/2007/article/0,28804,1650830_1650834,00. html>.

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