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A Wonderful Life Essay

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A Wonderful Life

One of the most fundamental mission of our lives has been how can we secure our life from its very uncertainties. Each one of us wants to live a beautiful and joyful life but if we look around and find out, one fact comes out really strong and that is, one who is financially sound and secure is able to enjoy the sweet fruits of life and is able to live a wonderful life. Therefore, securing our lives through financial planning becomes the inner core on which our lives revolve and it is of utmost important if we want to lead a quality life.

Saving money is of prime importance as virtually there is nothing tangible that we can have without the exchange of currency. Furthermore, saving gives us a way out from the uncertainties of life and gives us a chance to enjoy a quality and meaningful life. Saving money is one of those tasks that are so much easier said than done. There is more to it than spending less money. How much money will we save, where will we put it, and how can we make sure it stays there? Here is how to set realistic goals, keep our spending in check, and get the most for our money.

First and foremost, saving money help to realize our big dreams. As we know, almost everybody set goals to achieve in their life but there are few of them who are really achieve it. For example, a successful person is the one who continually works to make his dreams become true. We can also be among the list of successful persons who are able to achieve their dreams shortly. We can have any dream, but what is important is how we are able to make them come true. We may have the dream of owning a big bungalow, a grand wedding or travelling around the world or something else.

However, these dreams cannot be fulfilled in a day as they require a good amount of money to achieve it. Thus, a regular savings can give us the key of fulfilling our dreams in such a simplest way. Besides, saving money is one of the healthy habits that we can practice in our daily life. This means if we are able to inculcate in ourselves a habit of saving, it will pay a long way throughout our life. This is because saving teaches us to be self-disciplined in our life.

As for me, just the only a self-disciplined person is able to live in an all-round beautiful and fulfilled life. If we waste our money today then how we will realize our materialistic dreams. In addition, saving also gives security in our life. Thus, it is a healthy habit that we can practise in order to save our money. Therefore, there may be some different reasons for us to save the money but it is crystal clear from the above discussion that saving is highly important for living a secured, happy, and quality life.

We can surely realize the powers of money when we start saving. However, we have only one life to live but that one life should be filled with colours of fulfilment and this can only come with “Savings”. This is because only through savings we can fulfil our dreams, the aspirations of our family and so to the others. Therefore, what I want to say is let the money speak for us through regular savings and become capable of enjoying a long and beautiful life. Apart from that, we should also save money for our family responsibilities and for our personal aspirations.

This means if you are not alone and have a family to support, then invariably you are required not only to take care of your own aspirations but also to carry out a lot of various tasks and responsibilities of your family at different stages of life. It may be your child’s birth or your dream of buying a luxury car. It may be also the desire to buy jewellery for your beloved wife or you have a plan to go out on a vacation with your family while travelling in all over the world. By saving money, we already have a saving for the plans.

Besides, we could also need some money for the expenditure on our child’s higher education. In today’s world, money is very crucial. Without any saving, we cannot be able to give a good education for our children. From this situation, it is convinced that a good amount of money and saving is a must in such scenarios. Therefore, everyone should starts saving money as much as possible in order to lead a better life in the future. Without we realize, an unexpected and emergency expenditure expenses can come in many ways in one’s life.

For example, a sudden situation like a sudden hospitalization, a job loss, an accident, a car breakdown or any other situation might be happen without any sign. Besides that, the financial crisis can also arise any time. Therefore, it is very good for us to have a saving for any such of emergency that can give the much needed and required help to overcome such crises in your life. As a result, our burden in living a life will be lessening. But the most important things is that we did not need or find dependent and search for the support from others, which may at times does not turn up when you require the most.

Another importance of saving money is that it provides us with security. We always think that money in the bank will help us out during harsh times in life. Saving money is also a way of planning. Most people keep a certain goal in life when saving money. If one does not “save it for a rainy day” but instead decides to “live it up” and spend all their money than they are more likely to face financial difficulties in the future. In this way, people who spend more than save do not take the opportunity to plan.

Last but not least, saving money give us a real independence in our life. This is because the real independence comes only with the financial independence by saving our money on a regular basis that will give us the power of living a life of freedom. Furthermore, by savings we can be “in the right place at the right time”. We will be able to take hold of any advantage that the life puts across to you. Eventually, we can make your opportunities into realities with enough saving that we have.

It is proved that by saving money, you will get a lot of benefits for your own goodness. Therefore, I believe that by having enough money through savings it will gives us the chance to grab that life turning opportunity that come just for one time. Therefore, you could not deny that savings can help do all this in such an easy way. In a nutshell, everyone should always think that it is not only about how they earn their money but also about how they spend it. There is an old and common saying that tells us that it is easier to earn money than to spend it wisely.

That is the reasons why we should budget yourself by thinking about how much we are willing to spend before we go out to buy something that is not necessary for you. Another good approach is that we need to never buy anything that we did not plan on buying no matter how good a deal we find. This is because it will help to save you from unnecessary expenditures. However, we should always assess what our needs are and buy accordingly. Therefore, do we have to watch our desires, but do not deprive ourselves of necessities. This is the fundamental reason why some people should start the habit of saving today.

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