A Wellness Nursing Essay

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A Wellness Nursing

A wellness nursing diagnoses focuses on the patient’s progress or potential progress towards healthier behaviors…… rather than on a problem. They were created to change a situation in which only negative issues were addressed……..leaving out diagnoses for patients in a healthy setting. A wellness diagnosis indicates a readiness to advance from the current level of health to a higher level. There are two prerequisites for a wellness diagnosis—a desire to advance and an ability to do so.

1) Emotional Readiness: The first requirement for a wellness diagnosis is a desire to attain a higher level of well-being. The patient must express emotional readiness to engage in interventions that will help him reach that next level.

2) Status and Function: The second prerequisite for a wellness diagnosis is the presence of status or function required to perform tasks related to the diagnosis.

3) Assessment: Assessing a patient’s readiness to respond to a wellness diagnosis involves patient interviews and interaction.

4) Writing the Diagnosis: While most nursing diagnoses require at least two parts, the diagnosis and the “related to” factors, wellness diagnoses are written a little different. They are started with the word “readiness” followed by the action or health-seeking behavior that will be enhanced.

………. Examples : “Readiness for enhanced management of therapeutic regimen” describes a patient who is willing and able to participate in her own treatment by following recommendations and helping set new goals for herself. A patient who has expressed a desire to come to terms with his illness and requests help with this is displaying “readiness for enhanced coping.” “Readiness for enhanced religiosity” can be applied to a patient who previously stated she no longer believed in her religion but later states that she wants to get back in touch with her spiritual side.

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