A Way of Life for Searching People Essay

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A Way of Life for Searching People

The book Practicing Our Faith: a Way of Life for a Searching People is about addressing the need for sharing the fundamental needs of man to establish faithful and honorable Christian way of life. It explores twelve central Christian practices contributed together by thirteen individuals coming from diverse denominational and ethnic backgrounds.

Specifically this book provides significance to every Christian practice even honoring the old tradition of honoring the body, forgiveness, hospitality, testimony, discernment and honoring the Sabbath by putting emphasis on its historical and biblical context and reexamining its relevance to our present and everyday lives. But though it may seem that representing old belief may sound too idealistic and obsolete, accordingly adopting this practice can also free us of unnecessary system of belief, tradition and ritualistic procedures contributed by governing rules of different ritualistic concept of Christian practices.

As Christendom is presented in this book, it tells us how to put our faith into action by enabling ourselves to adapt and tuning in with the communities‘way of life, tradition and belief while doing good deeds for the poor, feeding the hungry and building houses for the homeless. In other words, this book will serve as guidelines and principles when dealing with different people of different ethnic origins but with the same Christian belief.

Thus the intention of this book would be to serve as a guiding entity especially for the laities who are engage in spiritual outreach activities while making their Christian ministries employs discipline and become sensitive to issues regarding the religious conviction of the communities. The laws presented here are not strict because they prioritize freedom of faith and expression which in way can be able to change the fragmented conviction of people living in a confused spiritual world.

Simply put, the principle behind this book is the formulation of approach in ministering Christian’s way of life to different communities in order to resolve how they can be able to understand and preserve their Christian identity. Many of the chapters here locate the connections of people and religion and how particular practice is applicable for each people.

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