A Way of Life Essay

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A Way of Life

Cell phones have become one of the most influential devices in today’s society. People have become so dependent on cell phones; they do not like to let them leave their presence because of anxiety that they might miss a call or text message. This essay will explore some of the positive and negative effects of cell phones with calling, texting and pictures. The first positive effects of cell phones are calling. Some employers will supply their employees with cell phones for business use. Salesman and drivers use them to contact customers for orders and deliveries.

Customers can reach the drivers or salesman if there is a problem with their orders or have a complaint. Salesman can call and check on a customer at any time. Employers can call and check on the drivers and salesman for any reason. Parents can check on their kids. Kids can call their parents anytime and anywhere to let them know of their wellbeing. Cell phones are extremely useful to have when a person is driving alone. Someone may need assistance if they get stranded. If there is a car accident and need to call for help.

Emergency personnel can respond quickly to an accident. On the other hand, the negative effect of calling is driving while talking on the phone. Can be extremely distracting paying attention to the road. Hearing the phone ring when a person is driving and try reaching for the phone can cause swerving all over the road or even an accident. The second positive effect is texting. Texting is an excellent way to communicate with someone without talking over the phone. Text messages can be sent to more than one person at a time.

Schools like to send text messages to parents to remind and give information that they may need to be informed about their child. Companies like to send text reminders of payments due dates or compelling offers they might have. Meanwhile the negative effect of texting, while driving is extremely distracting because a person pays more attention to the cell phone than the surroundings around them and the road. Driver’s texting may not always see a car or person in front of them and can either have an accident or hit a person walking.

People walking and texting at the same time do not always watch where they are going. They can walk into walls, cars, other things and end up getting hurt. Texting can also be distracting while people are working. Kids do not pay much attention in class if they worry about receiving a text or responding to one. Teenagers can use texting as a way of bullying others. The third positive effect is sending pictures. Taking pictures with cell phones is a terrific way of sharing photos by sending them to family and friends.

Customers taking pictures and sending it to the salesman can help explain what they need or what product they are trying to find. The picture can give the salesman information they need to help the customer. The negative effect taking inappropriate pictures can lead to bullying and other unfortunate circumstances. In conclusion, cell phones are perfect for keeping in touch with family and friends. I send pictures of my kids to family and friends that are out of town all the time.

So they are a part of what is going on in our lives. I am always calling and checking on my kids. I text them when they do not answer a call from me. My kids like most teenagers prefer to text message you then talk on the phone. Cell phones in general can have a positive and negative effect on everyone. When I am driving, I use my Bluetooth or I let it go to voicemail. Texting is not that crucial when people are driving. We all can call or text after we get to where we are going.

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