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A visit to Seri Kasih Orphanage Home Essay

Categories: Orphanage

The first hebdomad of the last school vacations was a memorable and meaningful minutes for the members of the English Language Society of SMK Kampung Laut.

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The society has organized a particular trip to Seri Kasih Orphanage Home on May 31st the first twenty-four hours of school vacations at Kampung Delima. Batu 8. Pasir Putih. There were a sum of 75 pupils involved of whom 40 of are male pupils of signifier four and five while 35 female pupils consisting chiefly of signifier 3 and 4 pupils.

There were 4 attach toing instructors. Sir Rosdi. teacheradvisor of SMK Kampung Laut English Language Society. Teacher

Madihah. our senior scientific discipline instructor. Puan Marini. our Bahasa Melayu instructor and eventually Mr Kim Lian Hing. our Physical Education instructor. We started our 45 proceedingss journey with two particular hired coachs sponsored by Dato’ Hj Karim. the president of PIBG of SMK Kampung Laut. We reached the orphanhood place about 9. 15 a. m. We were greeted by the matron. Puan Seri Hajjah Maimunah and her deputations.

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The cheerful and estatic feelings of the orphans truly touched our Black Marias. Puan Seri started with a welcoming address. All eyes were on her and many wiped their cryings at the terminal of her address when many tragic narratives of the orphans were revealed.

We could see that there were a strong integrity among the 95 orphans and they were truly superb on their manners and etiquettes. We merely loved the ways they behaved and lived within their circles. Sir Rosdi reciprocated with a short but really meaningful address and so presented the check of RM1000 donated by the pupils of SMK Kampung Laut. The forenoon activities started with a gotong royong undertaking viz cleaning-up of surau and the chief hall. The pupils were made up of 15 groups of 5 pupils each while some senior orphans were besides imparting their custodies. Then the outdoor programme followed with telematches held for the female pupils while the male had a friendly volleyball lucifers.

We had a short interruption at around 11. 30a. m and subsequently served with a light refreshment. The following programmae started when all the pupils and the orphans were requested to piece at Seri Kasih chief hall for the talentime show. We were entertained by the concealed endowments of the orphans peculiarly on the group vocalizing of nashid and coral speech production.

Some of our pupils besides joined the endowment show by showing some classical and Malay traditional vocals aided by 3 plus one music. Then we had our tiffin and dzohor supplication at around 1. 30 p. m. We were served with really deluxe and appetizing ikan bakar and beryani rice.

Our following programme started at around 2. 30 p. m with one hr tuition Sessionss where our signifier 4 and 5 pupils volitionally broke up into little groups helping the signifier 3 orphans chiefly on Mathematicss and English topics. Then our ain signifier 3 pupils were together with signifier 1 and 2 orphans discoursing on some school plants and assignments. It was so a short but really helpful Sessionss. Most of the orphans were really industrious and dedicated pupils. Some of them topped the categories and had winging colorss consequences. Our last programme was photograpy and souvenirs Sessionss. We brought beautiful keepsakes and presented to each and every orphans.

They were beaming with joy and many had agreed to handle our senior pupils as adopted brothers and sisters. Besides we besides presented big shackles which consisted of cocoas. biscuits. nuts and fresh fruits. The matron. Puan Seri Hajjah Maimunah presented her shutting address and invited all of us to come back following twelvemonth for another great programmes. We left Seri Kasih Orphanage Home at approximately 4 p. m. Many of us had cherished the good memories and sword lilies that we had performed our societal duty with the occupants of Seri Kasih Orphanage Home. We would surely love to come back following twelvemonth with many great programmes in manus.

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