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A vision on a nursing profession Essay

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For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a nurse, caring for those in need. This feeling ultimately led me to the career choice of nursing and continues the path of higher education in the profession. . Nursing is more than treating an illness, rather it is focused on delivering quality patient care that is individualized to the needs of each patient. As nurses we protect, promote and encourage others to optimize their health abilities, prevention of illness, alleviate suffering and advocate in caring for the individual, their families and the community.

Fruechting (2010) states, every discipline has its philosophical foundations and nursing is no different. The purpose of a philosophy is to answer the questions of what nursing is, why does it exist and what ethics and values underpin these beliefs. Fruechting continues to say that nursing philosophy, like any other disciplines-specific philosophy, is what directs and drives research and knowledge development to advance the discipline. My philosophy of nursing incorporates the knowledge of medicine, the importance of prevention and the promotion of wellness, while combining it with relational, compassionate caring that respects the dignity of each patient, their families and community.

I believe nursing care should be holistic while honoring patient families and community’s values. A crucial aspect of nursing is interprofessional relationships, collaborative efforts among healthcare professionals promoting quality patient care, and making health care easily accessible. A reflection of my philosophy of nursing and the pursuit of higher education.

I look at the theories and have not identified any one at this point to ground me and my philosophy, and what learning strategies appeal to me. I have always reflected on patient –centered care and health promotion model as a great fit in my profession and now the possibility of my philosophy. Nursing theory (2013) states that the Health Promotion Model was designed by Nola J. Pender to be a “complementary counterpart to models of health protection.” It defines health as a positive dynamic state rather than simply the absence of disease. Health promotion is directed at increasing a patient’s level of well-being. The health promotion model also describes the multidimensional nature of persons as they interact within their environment to pursue health. Nursing theory (2013) states that Abdellah’s Twenty-One Nursing Problems theory of nursing, “Nursing is based on an art and science that molds the attitudes, intellectual competencies, and technical skills of the individual nurse into the desire and ability to help people, sick or well, cope with their health needs.”. The nursing model is intended to guide care in hospitals, but can be applied to community nursing, as well. The model has interrelated concepts of health and nursing problems, as well as problem-solving, which is an activity inherently logical in nature. Abdellah’s theory identifies ten steps to identify the patient’s problem and 11 nursing skills used to develop a treatment typology. Abdellah describes health as a state mutually exclusive of illness. There is no definition of health given by her theory, but she speaks of total health needs and healthy state of mind and body in the description of nursing as a comprehensive service.

I would choose both choose this framework due to the emphasis and importance that it puts on relationships, trust, empathy, warmth and being in the present and in tune with one’s own patient –centered care comfortable and at peace to be able to allow one’s self to reflect on the many feelings and emotions that we experience and that changes from minute to minute, day to day and year to year. Therefore, this is the theory that I base my therapy and supervision upon.

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