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A View from the Bridge Essay

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Catherine’s response is immediate denial and hurt at his allegation. She “sobs”, demanding that he “stops” as they enter the house. This scene is a turning point in their relationship. For the first time, Catherine is defying Eddie’s superiority, choosing instead not to believe his claims. Being in a serious relationship, she has begun to grow apart from Eddie and not depend on him as much, which in turn upsets Eddie, who attempts to regain her adoration.

Though in the past, Catherine may have trusted Eddie’s impeachments, her defiance is an act of choosing Rodolpho over Eddie, illustrating her shift from a child to a woman.

For the remainder of Act One, Catherine continues to mature through her relationship with Rodolpho, causing her interactions with Eddie to become exceedingly stilted and tense. During this period, Catherine portrays her willingness to cooperate when Eddie makes the effort. Catherine becomes “nervously happy” when Eddie invites Marco and Rodolpho to watch a fight.

She asks Eddie if she should “make coffee”, aiming to please him for his attempts to make peace with Rodolpho. After Eddie “lands a blow” on Rodolpho, Catherine begins to realize that the previous invitation was merely a ruse, and thus acts audaciously, discreetly challenging him by dancing with Rodolpho. Act Two begins with a discussion between Catherine and Rodolpho. Catherine confesses her fear of Eddie, a dramatic adverse to her initial loving attitude.

When Eddie arrives home obviously drunk and demands that Rodolpho “packs it up”, Catherine announces that she too, will leave, causing Eddie to erupt in fury at her support for Rodolpho. This further hinders their relationship and Catherine’s finality is yet another act of defiance. Though Catherine is not outrightly furious, she portrays an air of resignation that simply illustrates her will to be with Rodolpho, including choosing him over Eddie. She still loves and accepts Eddie, however her love for Rodolpho is greater.

After Eddie informs the authorities of illegal immigrants, Catherine’s demeanor changes yet again to complete abhorrence. On the day of her wedding, Eddie gives Beatrice an ultimatum, to be on his “side” or “their side”. At this, Catherine loses her temper and insults Eddie, comparing him to a rat that “belongs in the sewer”. Though her words are aggressive and callous, Catherine “weeps” as she says such, illustrating her upset at the way in which their relationship, among other factors, turned out.

Catherine tells Eddie, after he has been stabbed that she “never meant to hurt” him, imploring him to understand her situation before his demise. This conveys that although she may have matured and become her own person, Eddie will still always remain a key influence in her life. Throughout A View from the Bridge, Catherine’s relationship with Eddie seems to digress rather than develop, as she grows and appreciates love. However, underlying their tension and her need for independence, Catherine is portrayed as always desiring Eddie’s approval.

Initially, this is very obvious, but is still apparent when Eddie makes an effort to include Rodolpho, and yet again at the end of the performance, when she begs Eddie to comprehend her perceptions. Though Catherine is less apparent of her love for Eddie, she continues to love him, and crave his love for her. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Miller section.

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