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A Very Short Introduction Essay

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The book entitled “Politics: A Very Short Introduction” is written by one of the greatest Emeritus Professor of Political Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science whose name is Kenneth Minogue. In a sense, Professor Kenneth Minogue is widely known for his profound words and distinct beliefs and illustration when it comes to politics. Thus, for most of his publications, politics and other social related subjects are observable to be his main topic.

As for the release of his book “Politics: A Very Short Introduction,” Professor Kenneth Minogue has once again caught the attention of the political scene and attract the interest the bulk of book enthusiasts worldwide, as him doing what he does best, which is that of preaching from his political standpoint and study.

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Through this book, Professor Kenneth Minogue provides and depicts a very concise and genuine presentation of information that directly tackles the diverse face of politics set in both ancient and modern era of political scene.

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With his vigorous and famous style of writing, Professor Minogue provides the general readers and students a lucid introduction with regard to various issues and problems of Political Science, which directly draws a narrative as to how these issues and different political movements evolve and help shape the present modern society. Drawn upon different subjects and issues that have risen in the historical story of politics, this book never fails to serve as a concise and reliable introduction to politics, more especially among those who are in search of reachable overview about topic.

In the book, Professor Kenneth Minogue argues that the real meaning and original essence of Patriotism is one of the significant political points of view that have changed in the story of politics over the years. According to Professor Kenneth Minogue, Patriotism is significant and meaningful in the field of politics; more especially back in the olden days, as this political standpoint and belief mainly serves as the guiding-light of Romans in leading Rome and protecting the interest of their entire society.

In addition to this, Professor Minogue also characterizes this as an essential political view that mirrors and depicts a Christian virtue of love, which he believes as one of the fundamentals in politics. Set in present time, the author, Professor Minogue, argues that Patriotism is now one of the many misguided and often abused political virtue, which accordingly signify the misery of people who are trapped through the power of aggressive politicians who know no nothing but to insinuate war.

Moreover, Professor Kenneth Minogue also argues that Politics has been through various transformations and issues that at a particular point in time, it has become difficult for the people to define what politics really is. According to him, politics, back in the olden days, is widely different as compared to the present, wherein back then it is regarded as a field that instigates broad differences between morals and politics, which have been a probable source of violence and atrocities.

Thus, Professor Minogue argues that Romans and their olden political standpoint could never relate to the modern thought that politics is just a plain industry that is devoted to lift the lives of the people and create a healthy organized society. The author then believes that the future of politics depends on how the succeeding generations would define and characterize the meaning and purpose of politics in the society, more especially with the fact that the way people think continuous to evolve and remains unpredictable.

Lastly, Professor Kenneth Minogue argues in his book that politics, just like any other industry or line of service, has its own logistics that requires agents, premises, supporters, money and most of all an organization called political party to instigate its foundation as firm political entity. Reference Minogue, K. (2000). Politics: A Very Short Introduction. England: Oxford Universit

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