A twenty years projection- oceanology Essay

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A twenty years projection- oceanology

The world’s energy needs have become a topic of interest for oceanic and marine experts as the concern for energy renewability is slowly turning attention away from fossil fuels to marine life. It is likely that this issue will take centre stage among marine stakeholders twenty years from now. (Thomas, 2008) Part A-Annotated review of article Thomas, M. (2008): Lord Brown Speech – Oceans and energy sustainability; Oceanology International, 12th March 2008 The article is a review of what the chief executive officer of the royal Academy of Engineering said at the largest marine technology event in the world.

He first began by talking about the problems of the modern world. He cited the issue of high population growth in the future and the increasing cost of living as examples. In this regard, the speaker felt that there ought to be some levels of sustainability incorporated in service provision. According to him, these latter issues are directly related to energy use because new methods need to be examined to provide this rising population with cheap energy. Also, that energy must be such that it will not infringe on future sustainability.

The speaker further asserted that the use of fossil fuels will have a huge impact on the world’s marine environment because fossil fuels emit greenhouse gases which propagate global warming. In line with this argument, Lord Brown claimed that in order to enhance energy sustainability, it was necessary to harness marine energy. He gave an example of how ocean currents have ten times as much usefulness and force as wind energy. Since a substantial portion of the world’s environment lives near oceans, then there is need to look into ways of enhancing these marine technologies.

He argued that there were eighty groups already looking at the feasibility of marine energy at large scale. He however, gave a word of caution that for realization of the full potential of marine technology, it was necessary for marine scientists to collaborate with governments, businesses and other stakeholders Part B-Analysis of the issue The issue under analysis is the role of the marine environment in energy sustainability. Oceans can play a very positive role in changing the energy landscape.

Because of the potential that ocean waves, gas hydrates and other sources present to the world energy consumer. However, there will also be some negative impacts in that using such an energy source could interfere with marine life especially with regard to marine mammals. (Thomas, 2008) The issue of harnessing oceanic technologies for energy in the future could affect numerous professionals. For instance, there will be a need for collaboration with government decision makers. Additionally, there will also be need to work closely with the marine researcher.

The latter groups will be largely responsible for examining the suitability and applicability of this mode of energy. Industrialists and manufacturers will also have to participate because they will be responsible for distribution and large scale generation. The issue will also affect directors, managers and entrepreneurs since they will coordinate activities involved. Part C: Projection of year 2028 Twenty years from toady, it is likely that the world will have heightened environmental concerns bout aquatic life.

By harnessing ocean technologies for energy, there will be considerable strain on marine animals as most of them may have to migrate to areas with minimal interference from man. Additionally, marine life will be under great danger owing to the fact that some people still have to deal with other explorers who continuously use marine resources. (Thomas, 2008) Twenty years from now, the world is likely to witness greater levels of interdependency among major actors in the world.

This means that it is likely that more stakeholders will be working hand in hand to tackle marine issues. For instance, investors will be giving scientists capital necessary to implement their energy harnessing technologies. Besides this, policy makers will be establishing the rules that will govern those respective groups. Also, marine engineers and scientists will be looking fro the most appropriate practical solutions. All in all, the world is likely to witness both positive and negative aspects.

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