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A Tiger came to tea Essay

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I’ve never seen so many children so excited about having a snack, It was like when animals are at a zoo, waiting to be fed, when they can see the zookeeper coming towards them. And the hustle and loud noises from the children was like the anticipation of crowds waiting for their favourite singers to come on stage. As soon as the children scoffed their snacks and gulped down their drink, we made our way to where the bouncy castle was outside.

Every child was having a great time whether it was running around on the grass, bouncing on the castle or eating its picnic; it looked like the wonderful picture if a stranger was to come in to see what a playgroup did on the days of the summer. A perfect picture of summer with children having fun and enjoying themselves, the sun shining and everyone with huge smiles on their faces. As I was sitting reading ‘A Tiger came to tea’ to one little girl, Charlotte, all of a sudden a heard this all mighty cry, I jumped up so quickly that my heart all most stopped. The parents also looked stunned to see what an earth had gone on. I hurried to where the noise was coming from. Some children had even stopped bouncing on the castle, to see what had happened and to get them to stop bouncing on some thing they loved must have been something of a terrible shock.

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I came to the brightly coloured bouncy castle that had a tiger on the front the noise that usually was quite loud from the air at the back. This noise had somewhat been drowned out completely but the amount of commotion from worried parents and intrigued children. This enjoyable, blissful afternoon had turned into a worrying afternoon of turmoil. My heart racing, I didn’t know what to expect. I could feel my hands and forehead getting more and more sweaty, just like my first day starting. It wasn’t a very nice feeling at all. Still having this little girl sitting comfortably in my lap, I decided that I would go and look to see what the entire disturbance was and if I could do anything to help. I lifted Charlotte off my knees, placed the book down and slowly started to make my way over to the bouncy castle. The weather had turned from sunshine and clear skies, into black clouds and wind, making the atmosphere even more chilling.

Approaching the giant inflatable I was feeling tremendously nervous and anxious. Behind it was a little boy, Nathan, lying there crying and screaming like he had been punched hard in the stomach. The sight of his poor defenceless body made me just want to go and hug him. So that he wouldn’t feel alone, that he could find comfort in my arms. Had he stopped breathing? What if he would never be the same clever, ecstatic little boy that he was? Blood was pouring from one of his legs and his arm was in an awkward position as if he had fallen on it funny. At that point I knew he had had a nasty plunge.

I dint know what to think, I had never experienced anything like this before, especially on such a ting delicate boy. I was shaking, all that was going on inside my head were negative things and this point in time I couldn’t think of positive. “Call an Ambulance,” shouted Marion who looked very disturbed. “Its Nathan, he’s hurt” Nathan’s mum came running to the scene, her face had turned as white as snow, obviously from the shock. “Its on its way” shouted one of the other leaders who had gone to call the ambulance.

The ambulance turned up within a few minutes and Nathan was rushed off in it, the blue lights flashing, the siren going off, at this point all the children were just amazed at the ambulance. You could hear, “Look, look…ambulance” or “Nee noor…. Nee noor” from the children. I looked on in disbelief thinking how could that have happened within the half an hour of everyone enjoying themselves, then this terrible accident that Nathan had encountered. I just wished that he would be ok, that the broken arm and cut leg was the only thing that he had done.

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