A Thief of Time Essay Topics

Hobson’s choice

Maggie is the central character of the play “Hobson’s choice” and the many facets of her personality are revealed throughout the play. The first of Maggie’s qualities that become quite obvious to us at the beginning is her strong awareness of business and certain customers’ potentiality. In the shoe shop, Alice and Vickey are occupying themselves… View Article

Gigantic sports park

If you wish to hear about my life then read on for I am Ashley shearer and this is a book about my life. My first memory is when I was out with my band called the Highfield Loyalists Flute Band. We were in a place called Wetherby. I got off the bus and straight… View Article

Harshness of the time

‘Of Mice and Men’ has been described as a novel about the harshness of the time. What justifications can you find for this? ‘Of Mice and Men’ is set in 1930’s America, an extremely prejudiced area of history. It is a time that criticises and excludes women, black people, disabled people and old people, deeming… View Article

A Thief of Time

In Tony Hillermans’ story, “A Thief of Time” (Hillerman, 2002) the author tells about murder and vanishings of people as Navaho detectives, Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and Officer Jim Chee search for answers as to why, on the Indian grounds, that people are vanishing and why a well-known anthropologist is missing. Fear encompasses the tale of… View Article