A Synopsis of the Documentary Live Nude Girls Unite

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Live Nude Girls Unite

The film “Live Nude Girls Unite” is a documentary recorded by the exotic dancers themselves that takes their audience on their journey as they try to unionize their jobs. The dancers were fed up with the treatment and minimal pay they were receiving for their performances. They were not assigned a lawyer but had a negotiator that helped them with their bargaining agreement. These exotic dancers were not disrespected by their costumer’s but also by their employees.

Dancers were not allowed sick days and sometimes lost their jobs because of their inability to find another look-a-like dancer to fill their slot. I think the unionization of the sex workers was a viable idea.

These dancers deserve the same benefits many other employees receive such as sick pay, health insurance, and respect from their management. Because sex workers are usually stereotyped as sluts, society believes their work should not include benefits. Since they had many people against their request to form a union, it took them many months of negotiating to receive minimal benefits, but it was the start of a new revolution for other sex workers across the country.

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As word began to spread about the newly formed union in San Francisco, the formation of unions began to spread all over.

Numerous exotic dancers now receive benefits through their employers and are getting the fair treatment they deserve. They are protected from unlawful dismal from their jobs and racial discrimination when it comes to who works certain shifts.

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If the sex workers had no taken a stance to improve their working system many would still be treated unfair.

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A Synopsis of the Documentary Live Nude Girls Unite

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