A Summary of Welfare Reform: More Work to be Done Essay

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A Summary of Welfare Reform: More Work to be Done

In the article by The Heritage Foundation (THF), the effects of the welfare reform and further necessary actions needed to have a prosperous nation were discussed. Although the welfare reform in effect in the nation is a success, the lawmakers should find ways to revise the welfare reform to suit the present situation of the society. The 1996 welfare law is going to end its duration yet lawmakers are finding ways to improve the law and thus, creating a new welfare reform that can boost the country’s development (THF).

Amidst the conflicting suggestions and recommendations of the members of congress, future problems regarding the welfare of the nation are predicted to arise. Nevertheless, despite the many forecasts of problems to come, in the past years, poverty throughout the community, especially that concerning the youth and the women, have substantially been alleviated by the welfare reform. The availability of work which has its own economic and social benefits should be studied on its relation to the progress of the society.

Thus, it is a challenge for legislators to find ways on how to ensure that the work availability throughout the country is an essential aspect of the new welfare reform law (THF). The welfare reform law has its own critics even before it was promulgated; however, such criticisms should be taken as a challenge to further improve the next reform law that should guide the country’s progress for although progress can be based from a strong economy, reform has also a large contribution in the country’s progress.

The congress of the past has made great and rewarding efforts for the welfare of the country, such responsibility is now passed on to the lawmakers of today (THF).

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