A Summary of the Guidelines to Achieving Effective Reading Essay

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A Summary of the Guidelines to Achieving Effective Reading

Effective reading is essential to a learner’s success and it can only be achieved by having the right instructions and teaching methods applied. The instructions must be given in the best way possible to ensure that the learners meet their desired objectives. Instruction implementation should happen in a way that it does cover every form of information technologies, including the networked information which evidently is rapidly growing. The following paper will summarize the guidelines to the achievement of these effecting skills. Effective Reading among Learners

Learning reading methods has been found to require a lot of improvement in schools in order to have the learner reading with a lot of ease and without lots of problems. Research has shown that teachers need to employ methods that should help their learners know how to go about their reading. It has also been realised that beginners need to be given introductory skills on reading because this aids in the improvement of their performance and promotes success. In relation to this, the International Reading Association has position statements that guide teachers on how to go about teaching the reading methods.

With this in place, there are still controversies over the positions. The controversy comes as a result of some children not applying the methods as taught and hence making it appear as though the teacher has not followed the instruction as stated. On the other hand, as much as there is controversy in methods of teaching reading, there seems to be less controversy in what a child should learn. A skilled reading methods teacher can see their learners and know what to teach to each of the children so that in the end, the teaching methods are effectively taught to the learners.

When teaching children reading skills, the teacher must know what to teach to which learner. A child who has learnt letter sounds does not require phonemic lessons, therefore the method employed on every child, depends on the child’s level of advancement in learning. In accordance with this, it is proper that the federal state only offer support and provides resources to the policy makers for them to make the positions because they stand a better chance of formulating the positions.

The International Reading Association recommends that the school district must involve the parents in helping the teachers know their children and thus aid in their academic progress. The Role of Teaching Specialists in Ensuring All Children Learn How to Read According to the National Researcher council, it is important that all schools have a reading specialist whose role is to assist children master their reading skills. This is also as a result of the complex situations and the wide range of diversity in schools today. They together with the teachers work to ensure that all children emerge good readers.

A reading specialist is a person with educational credentials and therefore, is a professional with qualifications and experience required by the education body and meets the proficiencies of the standards. The specialists may work in one or more of the available education levels ranging from early childhood to secondary to private institutions across to the adult learners. It is recommended that the specialists working with the adult learners need to have more understanding for their learners. Children range from those who are fit and healthy to those from poor backgrounds, those with physical, psychological and emotional problems.

There are also those that are struggling to learn English and therefore those with problems as regards their reading require the help of a reading consultant to guide them. The role of a reading specialist in helping the students improve their reading include:- (a) Instructive role whereby the specialist does the work of supplementing and enhancing the work of the classroom teacher who must work collaboratively with the reading specialist. The two can give the instructions in class or the specialist may give instructions outside the classroom if student requires specialized instructions.

(b) The specialist also does the assessment of the development of literacy levels. This the specialist may do by observing the student, evaluating the results of the past literacy tests. The specialist also plays the role of coordination with the district and state standards. He or she gives the report on the development in literacy learning. (c) All coupled, reading specialists have the leadership role in that they aid the teachers, administrators and parents to get to understand more about teaching reading. By collaborating with both teachers and parents, they help build good home school connections.

This therefore calls for reading specialists to be knowledgeable and be professionally fit to perform their work effectively. Internet and Its Impact on Even Literacy Levels across the Globe In today’s world, the levels of literacy change every time given the availability of the internet. With the technology in place, learners are required to update their knowledge in order to have their literacy levels right. In order to have the learners and the first improving technology at per, a number of factors must be looked into.

These include the rapid rate at which the internet is getting into almost all classrooms in the developed nations around the world and therefore calls for proper measures to be put in place to ensure the children get access to it. This is done by having computers connected to the internet in every classroom. Equity in the access of internet in the developed and developing nations should be improved in order to avoid widening the literacy gap between the two sets of nations. Education that is adequate should be provided and development of staff needs to be done to ensure the teachers frequently integrate new literalises in their curriculum.

Teachers’ education programs can greatly help in preparing the teachers in using the new instruction technologies. To achieve the desired results, the Professional Literacy Organization should offer support in the provision of creative initiatives and increased access, provide professional development and enhance the teachers’ education program. With the above wanting to be acted on, the public policies must be adjusted in such a manner that reading is not only defined around books but should include the networked information technologies that have become vital in the success of students.

Reading must be effectively taught and to achieve this, teachers should make use of professional development to learn new instruction strategies. They should also give equal opportunities to students in accessing the ICT facilities. In general, to have reading teachings succeed; Parents, teachers, school administrators, teachers’ educators, policymakers and researchers must collaborate to have learning maintained at the required standards. Recommendation In order for reading beginners to eventually become successful students, they need to have obtained the necessary skills that mould them into perfect readers.

The U. S. agenda aims at improving the literacy performance of students, considering the increasing demands for educating all students to achieve at high levels. It is important that schools have qualified personnel to address the challenges facing the students. Such personnel must include a professional reading specialist as a core member of the educational team. However, middle schools and high schools should have the same instructional support, because effective reading instruction must be guided by reading specialists across all grade levels.

In addition to this, networked information technologies require incorporation so that learning meets demands of the rapidly improving education levels. References International Reading Association, 1999. Using Multiple Methods of Beginning Reading Instruction. Retrieved from < www. reading. org >. International Reading Association, 2000. Teaching All Children to Read: The Roles Reading Specialist. Retrieved from < www. reading. org >. International Reading Association, 2009. New Literacies and 21st Century Technologies. Retrieved from < www. reading. org >.

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