A Study on the Effects of Alcohol on Human Health

Alcohol consumption is a common practice at various gatherings and parties in different parts of the world. Nonetheless, alcohol consumption can have a different impact on human health and can lead to negative social consequences due to addictive, toxic and addictive properties. So we will talk about drinking in this essay, and its main purpose is to discuss its causes and consequences.

When we discuss the causes of drinking, we can say that society is the main engine in this process.

Alcohol is generally accepted as an “integral part” of any company. People think alcohol makes you excited, energized, improves mood and health, makes conversation more vivid and fun, but it’s just a temporary effect. Some use it as a sort of solution to the problem, but can not solve it and cause depression.

By observing the effects of alcohol on human health, it can be said that alcohol can cause health effects such as mental illness as well as social illnesses.

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Today, alcohol abuse is a major problem in modern society because it affects all human organs and alcohol intake causes skin dehydration. This is because skin cells lose essential moisture and valuable minerals. In addition to the chronic illnesses that occur according to the age of the person consuming large quantities of alcohol, drinking is associated with increased risk of acute health conditions such as trauma, including injuries from road traffic accidents.

So, to summarize the previous statement, we can say that the need for alcohol is not part of the natural life of human needs, such as oxygen, the need for food and water, and that alcohol itself is not motivated by humans.

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Young people are beginning to use alcohol as an obvious attempt to follow fashion, but the situation has changed dramatically and does not stop. I think society should fight this phenomenon and popularize a healthy lifestyle, but if everyone wants to control drinking and stop it, the problem will eventually disappear

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