A Study on Sexual Assault

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Add a new post this week that includes a link to a source that you have found to be persuasive on the topic of your essay. (It could be one of your viewpoint sources from a few weeks ago). Write a summary of the source and then reflect on why it is persuasive and what questions it raises. Your response should be roughly 350 words (or 1 full page)

I found an article “#MeToo: A Study on Sexual Assault as Reported in the New York Times” to be persuasive on my topic.

In the presentation of this article, the author Alyssa Evans investigate an instance of rape and the work of #MeToo development.

Alyssa composes that Tarana Burke began the #MeToo in 2006. A principle target of this development was “to help young ladies of protecting.” Tarana needs to wrinkle a sense for the losses of lewd behavior that, they are not the only one in such occurrences. In 2017, this movement was increase national acknowledgment via web-based networking media.

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Alyssa Milano urges the exploited people to share their encounters on Twitter by stating “#MeToo”, and recount to their accounts. Evans detailed as, “about 40% of exposed traps earn consideration from news sources. Of this 40%, the dominant part includes strange of prominent condition and individuals.” After this specific inclusion about sexual harassment and abuse, it promotes assault culture.

The outcomes demonstrate that the #MeToo development secured white people more than other ethnic and social groups. By covering the issue of sexual harassment, it demonstrates that “the issue is influencing white individuals more than non-white individuals.

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The New York Times displays white woman’s rights. This inclinations in the news media makes contrasts and imbalance in rights for White and Black individuals. Along these lines, such articles on #MeToo may spread deception about sexual harassment and race. Structure this article by Evans, it found that none of articles concentrated on sexual harassment in poor or lower-class networks.

This article by Evans is persuasive as she discussed differently about the #MeToo. People often think that the movement is for the rights of black women, but media reveals the issues of while people in the society. It shows that, blacks are not the actual victims, but the whites from the upper-class, are only the victims of sexual harassment and abuse.

Now the question raised in my mind is: how the #MeToo has helped the individuals who share their accounts on Twitter, and how the Black ladies can counteract sexual harassment by powerful utilization of social media?

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A Study on Sexual Assault

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