A Study of the Developmental Stages in Children of the USA and UAE

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At the preoperational stage is where language learning, understanding the meaning of words and speaking establishes. Owing to this, some disparities are influenced directly by their respective cultures. Considering Arabic is the primary language in Arabian countries, children growing in UAE are influenced by their parents, family members and surrounding neighbors to learn, understand and utter words in Arabic. On the contrary, children at the same stage in the US are influenced to learn, understand and speak words in English as the American language (Jusczyk, 2002).

This can be considered as the main determinant stage of the person’s first language since it is the one that gives mother tongue and main language. Also, this stage influences the child’s way of pronouncing vowels and names in a sentence. The ascent developed through the tongue at this stage lasts for a lifetime since it is permanently recorded in the mind which enables people to speak through the same ascent even after a long duration of separation during adulthood.

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These influences are directly associated with the culture of where the child has been brought up. Perfecting the language and attaining fluency in understanding and speaking/conversing occurs at this point although minor adaptation to the social activities takes place at this stage (Lynch, 2016). Children may not fully understand most of the social practices regardless of their Arab or American nationality although they observe and notice it being practiced by the adults.

Adult children at the formal operational stage repeat the social-cultural practices learnt previously more frequently but now with an understanding of the logic behind what they are doing.

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Consequently, they adopt this to be their behavior which is associated with the behavioral theory (Gowers, 2005). Owing to this, it becomes hard to change somebody’s viewpoints, believes and practices at this stage since they have realized the value it plays in their life. This stage forms the foundation of adulthood social behavior and practices that lasts for life and used to train/influence the next generation of siblings.

The recommendations towards positive influencing children development in UAE and the US is the adoption of effective social, cultural and behavioral practices. Although different communities value what they practice, it becomes hard to define the ideal methods since what is good for one community may be bad for the other. Considering respect for all cities and their practices, it is recommendable that what is offered to the children should focus on the broad/wider perspective in preparing children to become competitive at the national and international arena. This will enable them to understand and conserve their social, cultural or behavioral practices as well as cope with diversities of the national or global communities while taking studies, adventuring, doing business/trade and working under different environments characterized by cultural, social and behavioral dynamics.

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