A Study of C.S. Lewis' Book, Mere Christianity

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Although some ideas that C.S. Lewis discusses in his book Mere Christianity are scary or disturbing, his thoughts on Christian morality are attractive. Lewis believes that the only true morality that can exist in a species is an objective one because if different individuals carried different moralities then it would only lead to ruin. If people had different blueprints mapping out how they thought and acted, it would be nearly impossible for them to work together and advance as a people.

Lewis claims that there is a universal human moral conscience. This did not need to be learned, Lewis believes that something or someone planted this moral conscience in all of us. This idea makes sense when people from very different upbringings or cultures all feel the same urge inside of them to do the right thing, even if this right thing was not what they were taught. To me, this is an extremely comforting thought.

No matter what one was taught or told to do in their life, there is always this human morality that supersedes everything and keeps the world in some kind of order.

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Unfortunately, there are many bad influences and poor education systems in different parts of the world.

Thankfully, even the less privileged will have a foundation to act as good people in their lives because of the existence of human morality. This idea personally gives me a lot of faith in humanity. Even though evil exists in this world, at least there is something that is attempting to prevent it.

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I cannot imagine how much more crime and atrocities would take place if humans were not graced with a universal human morality from something or somebody greater than us.

Although Lewis’ idea of Christian morality may stir up controversy within some people, it is a very comforting and attractive idea to me, showing that there will always be at least one similarity that will tie all humans together and keep them together in the worst of times.

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