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A Story With Moral Value Essay Examples

Essay on A Story With Moral Value

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Paulo Coelho and His Novel The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a really good book and the author, Paulo Coelho, does a great job of relating the story in a way that will inspire lectors in many aspects of their life such as personal or professional. You can't help but to start thinking of your own dreams and how they may or may not have fallen by the wayside as you encountered some of the obstacles that the young shepherd boy has to overcome....

The Rape of the Lock

"Satire is a glass wherein beholders do generally discover everybody's face but their own" (Long, "Racine" 4). Pope uses every aspect of the mock epic to satirize the frivolity of the people around him. He takes specific scenes and uses parody to illustrate the insignificance of everyday rituals. He even uses the structure of rhyming couplets to juxtapose the ordinary with the extraordinary to rev...

"Big Black Good Man" by Richard Wright

Our decisions and judgments greatly affect who we are as people. Olaf went from an easy going and down to earth man to a man of pure hatred and revenge just because of one judgment he made in his life. This judgment continued to haunt him till finally the black man returned. When the back man did return he surprised Olaf and Olaf's judgments swept away and he saw the black guy's compassion. If Ola...

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Chinese Cinderella's Experiences of Life

But then everything changed, when I read on to see that it was Niangs Sister and then I got a whole different picture in my head, of poor Adeline living the rest of her life away in a dark and dingy dungeon taking orders from the dreadful Niang again. It started to feel like she actually was Cinderella. I thought that was one of the most dreadful parts of this whole story. It felt like it was the ...

Anglo-Saxon poem "The Wanderer"

Many scholars debate the relationship between pagan and Christian themes. The mention of God at the end of the poem suggests it is a Christian poem, but this may be too simple of a conclusion. The Christian attitude, as I.L. Gordon views it, is more admonitory in tone. There is nothing explicitly Christian in it, and pagan elements are present as well. Christian themes like the transience of life ...

The Ugly Duckling A Story With Moral Value

Like Cinderella who was once naive, misunderstood and mistreated by her kin, the duckling embarks on a journey which ends just as he is transformed into his true self. As with a typical folktale ending, we do not see what becomes of the protagonist, as it is assumed that he lives happily ever. With these comparisons, The Ugly Duckling can be shown to have many similarities as well as differences. ...

The Tortoise and the Hare

In conclusion, I believe the value of narratives grounds us in the reality of the present and vividly paints the reality of the past. Communicating through a lesson in story format, whether it’s in oral or written form is more beneficial to its readers and listeners. It allows us to get into character and apply it to our experiences rather than having a set of rules to follow. It also gives a be...

“Digging” by Seamus Heaney

Seamus Heaney’s poem “Digging” tells a tale of a man musing about his decision to leave behind family convention. Heaney employs a series of images that convey the speaker’s feelings, repetition to show the narrator’s dislike of potato harvesting, and metaphors to provide an underlying message about tradition. In the end, the speaker is left commenting on the spade, his father and grandf...

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