A Story from the Childhood That Is Reenacting My Life Today

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A Story from the Childhood That Is Reenacting My Life Today

Years ago when I was a small kid, there was a point in time when I thought I was going to die or was going to live in a way other than other normal people. I accidentally cut my finger with a scissors by mistake while I was at my father’s work place for a visit. As a little child, I was very frightened by the look of blood and thought I was going to lose my finger or hand back then. My father used to be a banker working in one of the leading banks in Kuwait.

I recall my father told me that he was going to be away for some time from his desk to do some important work and once he comes back he will get me chocolates and candy. While I was playing around at my father’s office I picked up a scissors and starting cutting papers and then I screamed as I have cut myself by mistake in my finger. Moments after, a colleague of my father ran into his office and helped me. His name was Ali. He helped me clear the blood quickly and was very supportive. I recall Ali’s response was exactly what a kid in such situation would hope for.

He cared over me in delicate and nurturing manner. My whole world changed since that day, as a child I have developed love and respect to Ali and used to ask my father to take me to his office every school holiday to see Ali. I recall I used to prefer sitting in his office than staying at my father’s. I grew up having the same thoughts till the day I have graduated from high school as I have then decided to study Accounting and Finance in order to allow me to work in a bank and be a good caring person like the people I used to see when I was a child at my father’s work.


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