Nepal Resident's Statement of Purpose for Canadian Student Visa

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I express my sincere gratitude for the review of my application. I am intrigued by the capability of computers from solving simple problems to complex humanitarian crises. One of the prominent examples is the availability of vaccines in such short period of time against the gruesome pandemic which would not have been possible without current world facilities. I have been inspired to build up on my abilities and gain expertise in the ever growing field of science. I intend on doing so by the coalition of theoretical study and practical learning through my desired program of Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science at Algoma University of Sault Ste Marie.

Since early days my inclination towards computers was quite evident, this made me want to pursue a career in the technical field without any question. I have already been granted an offer of admission in the same program and the University has deemed me worthy of a $2500 scholarship starting from January 2022.

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I have experienced an incredible journey of learning and adapting throughout my twelve years of schooling. I completed my grade 10 from [redacted] in 2018 with a GPA of 3.75. On the basis of my performance, I was offered a 75% scholarship for my class 11 studies. I went on to accept this scholarship opting for Science stream and decided to choose computer studies when presented with the option of picking between computer and biology. My earlier stated interest towards computers gave me a boost to do well and after the completion of my class 12 in 2020 from [redacted] high school, I was able to secure a CGPA of 3.

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30. I have also completed my IELTS Test requirement achieving a band score of 7.5(Listening 9.0, Reading 8.0, Writing 6.5, Speaking 7.0).

During this period of constant change and growth I have developed interests in variety of sports and other extra curricula’s. My specific gravitation towards cricket has been undeniably beneficial for me. It has instilled in me the values of teamwork and effective decision making which will be crucial during my internship in Canada. I have also been part of social initiations like ‘Child Club Program’ for helping malnourished children and under privileged women in poorer communities to break through the cycle of pain and disappointment. This participation of mine has taught me the importance of opportunity and made me believe in moral value of equity in treatment. It will help me adapt during my stay in the Canadian society known for inclusiveness and generosity.

After extensive research, suggestions and thinking, I made the decision to further my studies in Canada. I had options of choosing between countries like USA, Australia, England and New Zealand however the quality of education and lively environment at universities attracted me the most to Canada. The optimum standard of education with affordable fees makes it a preferred destination for me. Cultural diversity along with safety and peace for all is an embodiment of prosperity appreciated around the world which makes me eager to begin my new journey there.

Algoma University is known globally for its Computer Science Program as being one of the most advanced. The simulated virtual laboratories for carrying out experiments are top notch facilities among many that I can greatly benefit from. The small class size and one on one opportunity to commune with the related professor is a privilege that would not be possible otherwise. Moreover, the remarkable alumni community has contributed to the society enormously and in every sector as well as achieved personal triumphs after having studied at Algoma. They are a source of inspiration for each and every student at the University. It is now certain for me that I will thrive in the academic environment of the university and get a step closer to my dream of acquiring prowess in computer technology after having to stay away from classes for more than a year because of the pandemic.

I am a believer in change however change is often misrepresented and limited to the realm of rewards and praise, which governments around the world have become accustomed to and far away from reality of notable growth and its sustainment. My government too, from minute accomplishments, has become devoted to hearing applause only and clearly unfocused on the agenda of perpetual growth through innovation and technology which I regard as my primitive goal.

I have my plans for future clear as aligning with the Computer Science program would enable me to direct the focus of the Powerful in Nepal on the idea of progress through science as well as security of our data as data has become invaluable in modern times. The inadequacy of certain tech facilities has always been a major hurdle in Nepal’s quest to be a prosperous nation. My contribution can up heave the progression and minimize the paramount risk of events like cyber attack. Nepalese industries like Banking sector, Private Markets, Oil Corporations lack effective and skilled personnel and are always threatened by the risk of theft of data. Through the Computer Science program I will be able to integrate my theoretical knowledge with hands on experience that I would gain by having international exposure in the highly recognized Canadian tech arena and implement those in required areas in Nepal to bring revolutionary changes.

I have great many aspirations for my country however the motivation to return to my homeland is not only based on my career goals. Being an only child of my parents, I am responsible for their well being as they will be nearing old age. I am obligated, with great pleasure, for their financial and emotional support as they have done the same for me, my entire life. I intend on preserving my culture ties with the Nepalese Society of which I am greatly proud of. These incentives are a source of inspiration which will guide me to return to my home country.

I have my family’s full support to study in Canada. They will be providing the tuition fee for my entire program as well as my accommodation charges. The annual income of  and the bank balance of shown in  Bank Ltd. equivalent to CAD will suffice for my expenses throughout my stay in Canada. I assure you that there will be no financial difficulty during my studies. I have already paid a deposit of 11,000 CAD$ for my first semester fees to Algoma University through  Bank Ltd.

I am fully aware of the rules and regulation that I need to follow during my stay in Canada. I assure you of abiding by the Canadian Law and returning to my homeland as my visit to Canada is strictly educational and for the duration of my program. I have clear intention of working valiantly in my home country after gaining the required international experience to achieve my pre-planned goal of substantial change in Nepal’s Technical Sector.

All the necessary documents have been attached for your necessary perusal. I will try to answer any question regarding my application to the best of my ability. Therefore, I kindly request you to process my application for the required visa.

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