’’A Simple Exchange of Niceties’’ by Joanne Fedler Essay

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’’A Simple Exchange of Niceties’’ . a short narrative by Joanne Fedler. 2007. In the text ’’A Simple Exchange of Niceties’’ the storyteller lives in what could be a large town. In this town there is a park which she frequently visits. in this park there is a certain bench that she likes better than the others. and she calls it her ain bench. The subject is adolescent jobs and about adolescents developing into the maturity. The narrator’s linguistic communication is really normal and is what every other American citizen could be talking.

The linguistic communication contains a few expletive words and slang words excessively. Example given: ‘’ She seemed so bloody keen on childs ‘’ ( Page 11 line 133 ) . The storyteller does non hold much self assurance ; she had a one dark base with a Damien from the saloon. which resulted in her acquiring pregnant. Damien told her that he ne’er wanted to hold childs with a ‘’trashy whore’’ like her after he had fertilized her.

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which made her feel like a rubbishy prostitute excessively. She has lost the understanding of her female parent excessively ; the storyteller is a really troubled individual who is shop-lifting and has been impregnated at a really immature age ; this shows that she is non really certain of herself. and has non grown up yet.

Her female parent does non even want to bail her out from the prison after she had been caught shop-lifting. The storyteller is a spot chesty against people she does non cognize. Example given when the old lady has issues untwisting her bag.

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and the storyteller merely ignores it ; which shows that she does non wish to pass on with aliens. which she besides references – ‘’When I’m sitting on my bench. I’m by and large non in the temper for small-talk and chitchat. ’’ – ( Page 9. line 43 ) . She complains about when she is sitting on her bench and people come and sit down without inquiring if she is all right with it ; this is a really ambidextrous action. would she herself even ‘’exchange niceties’’ if she was the one nearing a alien on a bench? Her haughtiness is besides shown when a lady with a book and a bottle of H2O comes along ; the lady says that she should non smoke.

Her attitude is really typical for the society of young person. and the fact that she smokes while holding a turning foetus in her tummy and non even caring about it genuinely enlightens that she has non grown up yet. From her oasis which is the bench. the storyteller seems to be developing from being a late adolescent who is moving really cool and non truly caring about other than herself. to recognizing the qualities of life. and understanding other people. As she speaks with the lady with the book ‘’When Fertility Fails’’ . she seems to develop a sort of understanding for the lady as she speaks of her and her husband’s job. The fact that the lady can non be fertilized by her hubby makes the narrator act different than she is used to.

Example given when the lady says that she would sells everything that she possesses if she could be a female parent. and the storyteller answers by – ‘’ ‘’It wasn’t meant to be. ’’ I found myself stating. which truly wasn’t me talking. ‘’ ( Page 10 line 115-116 ) and she refers to as if it was her Nan talking. As this is non how she usually would respond. it is an obvious mark that she is developing into a immature adult female. peculiarly when she decides to give away her coming babe to the unhappy lady. When the storyteller tells her female parent that she is pregnant. the female parent seems to province that she really cares for her – ‘’ don’t you DARE give my granddaughter off. ‘’ ( Page 12 156 ) which made the storyteller believe that she is really deserving something. And when the storyteller gives birth to the babe and the female parent tells her that she remembers when she was an infant prevarication on her thorax. This truly shows that the female parent is happy and has realized that her girl has grown into a immature adult female.

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’’A Simple Exchange of Niceties’’ by Joanne Fedler Essay

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