A Sequence for Academic Writing Essay

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A Sequence for Academic Writing

The purpose of this website of The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) Pro-choice America, is to to show their advocacy for the right of a woman to choose and her right to privacy with regards to reproductive health. The exclusivity of the issues tackled in this site suggest that their concern is concentrated on specific subject matters affecting the conditions of women in the society such as abortion, use of birth control, teen-pregnancy, reproductive health issues of women of color and legislation about the advancement of the right of a woman to choose.

Also, the site offers different means on how women with these kind of problems can understand and take action. 2. What is the subject matter of this site? The subject matter of this site is about the right of every woman to choose and her right to privacy regarding women’s reproductive health. 3. What is the purpose of the site? The purpose of this site is to empower women about their sexuality. They aim is to promote the freedom of women to decide for themselves without being scrutinized or discriminated by the society.

Also, the website provides many information about the pro-choice legislation and policies for women, research, campaigns and other advocate organizations to educate visitors about the mentioned subject matter. 4. Is this site for, against, or neutral as far as the subject matter is concerned? This site is evidently pro-choice and for the privacy of women. One of the site’s objective is the prevention of unintended pregnancies by provding women more access to birth control and sex education to lessen the occurence of abortion.

But they believe that abortion should be made legal and safe to give options to women whether they want to puruse their pregnancy or not regardless of their reasons. 5. Does the site offer anything unique? Does it tell you more than you could find out in an encyclopedia? This site offers a variety of information ranging from research done by NARAL Pro-choice America to government legislations and policies. The media center of the site is composed of choice-related topics from other publications or websites such as The Buffalo News, Fox News and Colorado Springs Gazette.

Other sources are background materials, quotes, and story ideas or experiences of women. 6. Did you learn anything? Was the site worth visiting? In this site, I have learned the dilemmas experienced by women particularly when it comes to their reproductive health and choices. In these kind of situations, women are torn between choosing the right thing or what is for their best interest. Moreover, this site really gives a comprehensive outlook about the fight to advance the rights of woment to choose and privacy.

Visitors of this website will really have an elightening experience when they read the content. 7. If you were compiling a bibliography of sources about the subject matter of this site, would you include or exclude it from your final list? Yes, I would use this website as one my sources if I am writing a research about the subject mater because it has a single point of view which is supported by many arguments which are valid and practical. Writing Exercise 2 Analyze the Web site National Right to Life. 1.

As stated on page 295 of A Sequence for Academic Writing, “Web pages generally fall into one of six types, each with a different purpose: (1) entertainment, (2) business/marketing, (3) reference/information, (4) news, (5) advocacy of a particular point of view or program, (6) personal page. ” What type is this site? Why do you think this? This is an advocay website that upholds the importance and presenrvation of life. They are against any act that would endanger any human life such as abortion. 2. What is the subject matter of this site?

The subject of this website is focused on protecting and giving importance to all human life. In line with this, the information contained on the website clearly suggest that the organizers, National Right to Life Committee, are opposed to abortion and issues related to medical ethics such as euthanasia and infanticide. However, the site does not tackle and does not provide any opinions or views on contraception, sex education, capital punishment, and national defense. 3. What is the purpose of the site? The purpose of this site is to encourage visitors of the website to patronize their

advocacy which is to disseminate information and at the same time convince people about the negative effects of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia to an individual and to the society 4. Is this site for, against, or neutral as far as the subject matter is concerned? This site is against the promotion, advocacy and conduct of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia but the site also advocates the propagation of the notion that human life is valuable so any act that tries to eliminate it should be punishable by law. 5. Does the site offer anything unique? Does it tell you more than you could find out in an encyclopedia?

The site of the National Right to Life Committee used different data to support their objective. Its extensive database is focused on these three aspects: abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia. The site includes other realted links from other websites as well, media press releases and current legislation updates about the subject matter. 6. Did you learn anything? Was the site worth visiting? I have learned that even though the US has a liberated culture, many citizens still possess conservative views specfically about the protection of human life whether that individual is an infant or an adult. 7.

If you were compiling a bibliography of sources about the subject matter of this site, would you include or exclude it from your final list? Yes, I would definitely use this website as a bibliography source if I were to tackle the subject matter. The website contains many informative data from their own database and outside sources as wells such as information from orgazations with similar objectives, the US government and media publications. Having all these information would make my research very substatntial and extensive. Revision Activity 1 Go to: Handwriting Analysis Read the article analyzing the sample of handwriting provided.

Answer the following questions regarding the analysis. 1. What is the author’s initial impression of Walter Railey’s handwriting? The analyst’s initial impression on Walter Railey’s handwriting is that Railey has self-control but his emotions are repressed. These characteristics were presumed by the analyst as an indication of having a compulsive personality. 2. What are three of the particular elements of Railey’s handwriting the author analyzes? The author analyzed the writing strokes, spaces between the letters and hand pressure which became the three major foundations in analyzing the personality of Railey.

3. What element of Railey’s handwriting does the author thinks reveals his weak self image? According to the analyst, the “diminished and sometimes near threaded middle zone, small compared to upper and lower zones, together with an insignificant and defensive ppI, represent his weak self-image” (Arnold “Walker Railey”). 4. Explain what analytical tool the author is using in order to analyze Railey’s handwriting. Is the author credible in applying this analytical tool? The author searched for patterns in Raile’s handwriting.

Then, the changes in these patterns are noted and analyzed in accordance with the personality of the subject. Moreover, based on the findings, the author was able to make a detailed analysis of the handwriting indicating his/her expertise about it. Also, the patterns of the handwriting helped the author to determine the elements that would expose the individuality of Railey. 5. Once the analysis is complete the author offers a summary of his findings. Are his summary findings concurrent with his initial impressions? The summary part is the synthesis of all the findings regarding the handwriting of Railey.

With regards with the concurrence of the initial impression with the summary is that both were able to provide similar information. However, in the initial impression the descriptiom is brief but in the summary it is a little bit more detailed. 6. At the end of the page you will find a link to a short biography of Walter Railey. Follow the link and read the biography. How accurate is the author’s analysis of Walter Railey’s character, based on his handwriting analysis? After reading the biography of Walker and comparing it with the results of handwriting analysis, the former made some very accurate portrayal of the real Walter Raileys.

In the analysis, Railey was rendered as selfish, emotionally repressed, and having dual personality which were all apparent in his historical background. Railey was selfish because he only cared about himself and he ignored his family and friends. Also, his emotional repression was shown when he tried to kill his wife and commit suicide. More so, his dual personality was demonstrated when he was charaterized as a charismatic religous leader and also as a controlling and indifferent individual. Revision Activity 1 Go to: Handwriting Analysis

Read the article analyzing the sample of handwriting provided. Answer the following questions regarding the analysis. 1. What does the analysis say that the dark strokes represent about Bill Clinton? According to the analyst, the dark strokes of Clinton’s handwriting indicate “a great deal of energy and an ability to work hard and for long periods of time” (Canoles “Bill Clinton”). 2. What does the analysis say about the “little tents” under Clinton’s words? The little tents suggest “how firm, and even stubborn, Clinton can become once his mind is made up” (Canoles “Bill Clinton”). 3.

How accurate do you find the analysis comments from what you know about Bill Clinton? Based on his administration when he was president and my impression about Bill Clinton, I could say that the handwriting analysis was close to my ideas. Since Clinton was elected as president for two consecutive terms, it suggested that he was well-liked by his consitutents and that he did a great job in doing his taks as head of the state which is very similar with the report of the author’s analysis that Clinton is “fair and objective when working on initiatives or with people” (Canoles “Bill Clinton”). 4.

Go to: Clinton Biography Read a short biography on Bill Clinton. What comments from the analysis seem accurate according to the short biography? According to the first short biogrphy that I read, Clinton achieved numerous accomplishemnts dugin his term as President of the United States. Some of these were the increase of employment for Americans, reductionsof tax for businesses and many others. In the handwriting analysis, Clinton was depicted as “direct, efficient, can prioritize easily,” detail-oriented and a “pragmatic idealist” which are characteristics needed in order to make positive accomplishments.

(Canoles “Bill Clinton”). These qualifyers corresponded with the characteristics of Clinton shown on the biography. 5. Go to: Handwriting Analysis Read a second short analysis of Bill Clinton. How do the two analyses compare/contrast? According to the second short biogrphy that I read, Clinton was described as an intelligent and a charismatic political leader loved by the people. However, he was involved in a sex controversy that influenced many people to question his credibility.

But after being found not guilty from the charges against him, he gradually redeemed himself by initiating productive changes in the US and in the international scene. When the handwriting analysis was compared to the biography, the fomer made accurate descriptions of Clinton solely based on his handwriting that matched the information from the latter. But there were some information that were not confirmed by the biography such as the early emotional hurt experienced by Clinton that caused him to have a protective cautin. Nothing was said in his biography about any incident that might have a negative impact on him.

So this piece of data still remain questionable. Nevertheless, the majority of information in the handwriting analysis were similar to the actual personal and historical background of Bill Clinton. Write Journal ( Two paragraphs only): Find an advertisement in U. S. a magazine and a) describe the ad, then b) analyze it by discussing all of the following: the colors in the ad, the message (or words) of the ad, and who or what is the focal point of the ad. How do all of these aspects work together to try to get you to buy the product?

In the rainbow ad by Skittles, the texts incorporated stated, “If you filled all the world’s maracas with skittle, no one would ever know. ” This literally means that the maracas would not be heard because people are going to eat the Skittles which will supposedly make the sound for the maracas. These texts were colored using all the rainbow colors which are also the colors of the Skittle candies. It was like the ad was bursting with colors which insinuated that if a someone eats a Skittle, the flavors would also burst inside the mouth.

More so, in a caption below the ad which says, “Hear the rainbow, taste the rainbow,” suggests that the appealing look of the Skittles is also transcended to the taste which is composed of different flavors similar with the colors of the window. When all these elements are combined, the ad makes a powerful visual that is both enticing and informative.

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