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In the novel A Separate Peace by John Knowles, Gene has been trying to escape from what he had done to Finny and reality. Gene has been jealous of Finny because he is so much better than him so in an impulse he jostles the limb and Finny falls down and breaks his knee. Gene is trying to escape the fact that he hurt Finny by wearing his clothes when he is in the hospital.

Gene Forrester from “A Separate Peace”
Words • 446
Pages • 2
As a summer assignment my class was assigned to read the book A Separate Peace by John Knowles. The book follows the main character Gene Forrester and some of his friends through life at school, the transition into adulthood and how World War 2 was affecting their daily lives. The story covers all the school issues and teenage problems any teenager can relate to at some point. Such as, while Gene tries to improve his grades his friend Finny invests…...
A Separate PeaceGene
Novel “A Separate Peace” by John Knowles
Words • 1370
Pages • 6
Like many teenagers, Gene Forrester and his friends struggle in finding their true passions and identity throughout their high school lives. Word War II hinders their teenage lives and forces them to define themselves in relation to the war. The boys in the Devon School deal with the chaos different ways; for example, one of the boys, Leper, decided to enlist into the war, even though the military contradicts his morals, and Finny kept on denying that the war even…...
A Separate PeaceGene
Power in A Separate Peace
Words • 1194
Pages • 5
A discussion of how power is depicted in John Knowles' "A Separate Peace". John Knowles' A Separate Peace depicts many examples of how power is used. In A Separate Peace, two opposing characters struggle for their own separate might. Gene Forrester, the reserved narrator, is weakened by his struggle for power. While, Phineas was inspired by his own power within. The novel conveys how peace can weaken or inspire during a mental war. Phineas, a natural rebel, is known as…...
A Separate PeacePower
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Good vs Evil- Wars in “A Separate Peace”
Words • 1271
Pages • 6
An analysis of how John Knowles portrays the concept of wars in his novel, "A Separate Peace". Good Versus Evil: Wars in A Separate Peace John Knowles novel, A Separate Peace, portrays wars on three distinct levels. These levels could be described as outer, inner, and world. There is a very good definition of these wars at the closing of the novel which shows us the levels: "I could never agree with either of them. It would have been comfortable,…...
A Separate PeaceWar
Summary of A Separate Peace
Words • 1543
Pages • 7
A chapter by chapter summary of "A Separate Peace " by John Knowles Chapter 1: The narrator (Gene) returns to the Devon School in New Hampshire, that he graduated from 15 years earlier. He goes to a certain tree and switches back to the past. Phineas dares everyone to jump from a branch in the tree into the river. Phineas, and Gene both jump. On the way back Phineas and Gene play fight so that they are late for dinner.…...
A Separate Peace
A Separate Peace Outside of the War
Words • 791
Pages • 4
A Separate Peace tells the story of a sixteen-year-old boy at boarding school in New Hampshire during World War II, and the mixed feelings of admiration and jealousy he harbors for his best friend and roommate. Things get messy pretty fast, as you might expect from a bunch of ill-supervised adolescents. John Knowles' novel, often compared to Catcher In The Rye, he raises a question about competition amongst teens. Competition is supposed to be healthy, but Knowles questions when do…...
A Separate Peace
A Seperate Peace (Symbolism)
Words • 276
Pages • 2
A symbol is a person, place, or object that represents something beyond itself. This is clearly shown in A Separate Peace by John Knowles. One example of a symbol in the novel is when Finny wears a pink shirt and a tie as a belt. This symbolizes Finny's outlook on authority, how he has lack of respect for it and tests it. When Finny wears the pink shirt and the tie as a belt proves how Finny can get away…...
A Separate PeacePeaceSymbolism
A Separate Peace-John Knowles
Words • 1966
Pages • 8
The novel A Separate Peace is a story about two best friends, Gene and Phineas (Finny), who both attend the Devon school in New Hampshire in 1942. Gene Forrester is an intellectual, confined, straight-laced seventeen year old, while Finny is an athletic free-spirit who isn't afraid to say what he thinks and is admired by everyone. The story is a flashback in which Gene recalls his fears and insecurities during the midst of the Second World War at the Devon…...
A Separate PeacePsychology
A separate peace movie
Words • 1099
Pages • 5
A Separate Peace is one of John Knowles' most acclaimed works and is based on Knowles' stay at Phillip Exeter Academy in the early-to-mid 1940's. It is set in a New England boarding school for boys known as Devon, and begins in 1958 but quickly flashes back to the years 1942 and 1943. In these years at the peak of World War II we follow through the eyes and mind of first-person narrator and protagonist Gene Forrester, as he copes…...
A Separate PeaceMovie
Analysis “A Separate Peace” by John Knowles
Words • 405
Pages • 2
In A Separate Peace by John Knowles, Gene is a teenage boy who attends a boys boarding school in New England with one of his only friends, Phineas. The author uses conflict to display competition and jealousy between Gene and Finny. In this story, there is an unusual friendship, between Gene, an intellectual, and Phineas, a handsome and popular athlete. Gene and Phineas formed an illusion of companionship, but there was always a silent rivalry between them in Gene's mind.…...
A Separate PeaceGene
Why, for Hobbes, must every man ‘endeavour to Peace’, and why might it be difficult to do so?
Words • 2491
Pages • 10
For centuries political philosophers such as Thomas Hobbes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Locke, just to name a few, have been trying to find the best answer to the following question: 'How would it be to live in the state of nature?' The first of the aforementioned men tries to do so in one of his famous works, Leviathan. In this book he follows the topic of civil wars, its evils and anarchy which would accompany them (Wolff 2006, p. 8).…...
A Separate PeaceJusticePeaceRightsThomas Hobbes
Calm and peaceful atmosphere
Words • 730
Pages • 3
Pushing the warm, feather quilt from my face, the sunlight fiercely blinded my eyes. Yawningly, I stretched my arms. The room had large windows from which I could see the greenery outside. Lazily, I crawled to the end of the bed and as my feet touched the ground it felt painfully cold." We are going to see the Taj Mahal today", announced mother. Excitingly, I tiptoed to the large window and sat on the ledge. The view was amazing. There were…...
A Separate PeaceAtmosphereTaj MahalWar and Peace
Mikhail Gorbachev: An Advocate of Peace or a Dictator?
Words • 779
Pages • 4
Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev was a native of Stavropol, Russia who became one of the most controversial Secretary General of the Communist Party of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. He had worked his way up the political ladder from being a a secretary of the Young Communist League at Moscow University to being the most powerful man in the Soviet Union (“Mikhail Gorbachev,” 2008).             As a leader, Gorbachev's political career was defined by his bold reforms that were aimed…...
A Separate PeacePeace
Carl Jung: Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst
Words • 925
Pages • 4
A Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, who founded analytical psychology and proposed that humans are born with 4 inherited archetypes from the collective unconscious; the Self, the Persona, the Shadow and the Soul Image. These four archetypes are present within literature, through the majority of the characters. Using Jungian analysis to examine John Knowles A Separate Peace reveals that Gene is in denial of his shadow, his friend Phineas has found balance with his anima and persona, and Leper…...
A Separate PeaceArchetypeCarl JungGenePsychology
Everything has to evolve or else it perishes
Words • 1096
Pages • 5
Rejection, and acceptance, these words are linked with innocence, and the loss of said innocence. In order for one to grow one needs to accept the fact and make necessary changes. The people who deny the fact do not experience the "fall from innocence" and may be blind to the things going on around them. If the innocent picks to accept the fact the characters "progresses" and falls from innocence. If a character chooses to reject the reality it will…...
A Separate PeaceBooksLiteraturePhilosophySkiingTruth
A Separate Peace Chapters 6-10
Words • 271
Pages • 2
Directions: Answer the following questions on THIS sheet of paper. You DO NOT need to answer in complete sentences. It is best to try to answer these as you read, since the questions are listed in the order in which they appear in the book. 1.Who is Cliff Quakenbush? What happens between him and Gene? Cliff is a manager. And they both get into a verbal fight. 2.Who calls Gene on the first day back to school? Phineas 3.Who is…...
A Separate PeaceGene
The Relationship Between Gene & Finny
Words • 2164
Pages • 9
"Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die. And it is youth who must inherit the tribulation, the sorrow, and the triumphs that are the aftermath of war." (Herbert Clark Hoover). This speech, made by Mr. Hoover illustrates the misconception of war that is passed down by generation, filled by over-glorified lies, which enthrall the youth to join the war effort, where they are merely pawns in a global conflict. The misconception of war that…...
A Separate PeaceGeneRelationship
Analysis of Pivotal Moment in “A Separate Peace”
Words • 560
Pages • 3
The book, “A Separate Peace” by John Knowles is a coming of age story of two best friends, Gene and Finny. Although the story is told through Gene’s point of view, his perception of Finny is most important as Finny develops psychologically throughout the book. A pivotal moment in Finny’s psychological development is Brinker’s investigation in Chapter 11, when Finny finally acknowledges it was Gene who pushed him and this changes Finny’s innocent view of the world. Finny sees everyone…...
A Separate PeaceDefining MomentGene
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Gene Impersonating Finny

Gene is trying to become Finny by trying to inhabit his identity as he “even had his humorous expression in my face, his sharp, optimistic awareness…” (62). Gene has the audacity to push his best friend off the tree and instead of feeling guilty he escaped the reality of what he has done by wearing Finny’s clothes. In Gene’s eyes, he feels relief and thinks he has become Phineas. Although, even after breaking Finny’s leg which means that he will never be able to play sports again, he still is trying to escape the fact that he hurt Finny and does not want anyone to know. He gets out of the situation in the Butt Room by going against a younger boy who was also there and everyone “laughed at him a little, and he squirmed and looked guiltier than ever” (91).

Gene Escaping From Reality

Gene was trying to hide that he was the one who pushed Finny off the tree branch by blaming the Butt Room Boy as this shows that he is escaping from what he has done and is not accepting reality and what he has done to Finny. He still does not accept the reality when he goes to meet Leper as he shares his experiences about the war training. When Leper was sharing the gory details, Gene was unable to take the reality of the war so he “left Leper telling his story in the wind” (151). Gene then runs away from him and since Leper is suffering from a mental disorder, he does not stop telling the story. This time Gene literally escapes from the words of Leper as he does not want reality to come on him. He finally realizes that the real world is much different than he had seen it as.

The loss of innocence brought him to this realization and he is trying to escape from it. In conclusion, it is evident that Gene is looking to escape reality after the loss of innocence since he pushed Finny off the tree branch.

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Why, for Hobbes, must every man ‘endeavour to Peace’, and why might it be difficult to do so?
...To sum it all up, Thomas Hobbes is a huge opponent of the state of nature. He claims that the state of nature would be the state of war in which everyone would be ready to fight all the time. People would live in constant fear for being killed, which...

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