A scope statement for a spring concert

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Your roommate is about to submit a scope statement for a spring concert sponsored by the entertainment council at Western Evergreen State University (WESU). WESU is a residential university with over 22,000 students. This will be the first time in six years since WESU sponsored a spring concert. The entertainment council has budgeted $40,000 for the project. The event is to occur on June 5th. Since your roommate knows you are taking a class on project management she has asked you to review her scope statement and make suggestions for improvement.

She considers the concert a resume-building experience and wants to be as professional as possible. Below is a draft of her scope statement. What suggestions would you make and why?

WESU Spring Music Concert
Project Objective
To organize and deliver a 6-hour music concert by June 5th at cost to not exceed $40,000. Deliverables

•Concert security
•Contact local newspapers and radio stations
•Separate beer garden
•Six hours of musical entertainment
•Design a commemorative concert t-shirt
•Local sponsors
•Food venues
•Event insurance
•Safe environment


1.Secure all permissions and approvals
2.Sign big-name artist
3.Contact secondary artists
4.Secure vendor contracts
5.Advertising campaign
6.Plan set-up

Technical Requirements

1.Professional sound stage and system
2.At least five performing acts
3.Restroom facilities
5.Compliance with WESU and city requirements/ordinances

Limits and Exclusions

•Seating capacity for 8,000 students.

•Performers are responsible for travel arrangement to and from WESU.

•Performers must provide own liability insurance.

•Performers and security personnel will be provided lunch and dinner on the day of the concert.

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•Vendors contribute 25 percent of sales to concert fund

•Concert must be over at 12:15 A.M.

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A scope statement for a spring concert

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